Sunday, November 30, 2008

Working on Sunday

I am working now at office at this beautiful sunday afternoon.

Why? Because need to launch a new website tomorow. Argh~~

It is very hot and warm at office, no air con available.

Hope to finish soon, but have tons to do.

It is such a beautiful day to take pictures if I'm at home now. Natural bright lighting. Hai~~ my weekend is gone like that.....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bird ATC (Sent)

Second round of ATC Swap at Cari. This time the theme is Birds. Owl are included in the category of bird too.

I wanted to have different try on my birds atc, but abit lazy to think 8 different design, so I did 4 design. Each design 2. Some of the 2 design are not so similiar.

I actually recieved all my ATC from my partners. But night time is too dark to snap pictures on it. Will snap pictures at the weekend.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Been eating bread for almost a week. Still not feeling well from last last saturday. I don't feel like eating economy rice. Everytime I eat that, I can feel my stomach painful. Whenever I eat bread, it won't happen. Maybe because too tension at work? First I ate whole loaf of Gardinia Toast'em Raisin bread, but became bored. I love Subway breads but it will be slight costly if I eat them everyday. So I decided to make my own sandwich. I just buy some lettuce, tomato and tuna and this delicious sandwich is done.
Hope to recover soon. So I can eat Nasi Lemak soon. Miss them.

Saw this cute Cat soft toy from Marks & Spencer at KLCC, there even have a rabbit online too. Just way too cute

Monday, November 24, 2008

I won online~!

After a stressful day of working, and a long queue on the train (techinical problem again, train was slow). I got this lovely package that I won online. For the first time. It from Paper and String UK - A felt lover and she made alot goodies from felt. I receive a package of make-your-own robin kit and a pack full of buttons. Oh I love buttons. Especially those pokka dots buttons. Hardly found here. What I lucky day I have.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Say it Stamps

Brought the day before I meet Agnes and Gianni. All Night Media Say it with Stamps. There are rubber stamps, just that there are mounted with foam and I need to stick the sticker myselfs to each individual stamps. 19 design for only RM45.90 at Art Friend, the Gardens. I think it is cheaper compare to rubber stamps or clear stamps.Paper stump per pack of 12 for RM3.50. I enjoy using them in the last Birdy ATC from a small gift from Geamys. Plus border corner punch for RM28.90. Still have a hard time controling it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Yummy Rings and Necklance

Mix and match from the macarons and mini cakes that I previously made. I made them rings and necklance. Here is a plate full of mini macarons. Ring size is adjustable.

Strawberry Layer Cake Ring. Yummy. You could see the strawberry layers inside the cake with chocolate chips inside each layer. Filled with chocolate cream outside and decorated in christmas theme.

Necklance made from macarons. And a love shape pendant with words "Made with love"
I love them to be mini and small and cute. Will its time to head back to work.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Enjoying playing perler beads

Enjoying playing perler beads at the weekend. Just need to think pixels. Here are some ice-creams for sale. Some I plan to make them as necklance, some as brooch. Mushrooms, rainbows, watermelon. Just think of anything and start putting them together.
Was busy and tired in work this few days, plus my stomach still not yet fully recover. Everyday only bread, mee soup and some light food. I miss those spicy curry and tom yam. Will blog more when I finish my work later.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bird cage & crystal lights

Last weekend I went to Mid Valley/ The Garden twice, both Saturday and Sunday. TS drop me there at Saturday while he went to work. I didn't have a good shop at Saturday as my stomach was not feeling so well. And I feel very tried.

I love this stage alot. It is located at The Gardens. I always love the crystal lights like this and especially black crystal lights. And the cage looks perfectly beautiful, vintage and classical. I always love those europe style white wire cages accesories storage, like this, this and this. It looks like heaven to me.
First day I went to Art Friend. Spend money again on some supplies (promise not to spend on supplies but they are just too irresistable). Sunday I meet up with my friends Agnes and Gianni. We meet online by random and I was glad that we meet up. We share ideas, thoughts on our hobbies and crafts. I took them to Art Friend too. Both of them was happy as she found what they needed.

It was my first time taking KTM and I must say that I was glad that I don't need to take KTM daily. KTM was terrible. Air con was not functioning. The train is very pack. Many different "smells" inside. Plus it is so slow.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cultural Village Part 1

Cultural Village is a giant historical park, located on National Road #6(just 5 minutes walk from our hotel). Admission is $12 USD and a free tour guide for group admission.

We reach there at noon time and spend the rest of the days there.

First we visit the wax musuem. Here is the welcom aspara made by wax. Looks real and beautiful. With the tour guide, she will explain each and every statue inside the musuem.

The next destination was the opposite of the wax museum, where there display tools and materials they use to build the angkor wat and the rest of the angkor buildings.

This painting was on the wall and it is so beautiful.

Next was the Miniatures building around the cultural village. One of the miniature I like the most is The Royal Palace at Phnom Penh.

Big sleeping buddha infront of a pond.
Some nice view on the Cultural Park.

There are alot of areas that you can snap pictures with, this is quite a cute spot- tom and jerry.
Inside the Cultural Village, there are alot of performance to watch at. Will write on my next post: Cultural Village Part 2.
Previous: Food at Cambodia
Next: Cultural Village Part 2

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daddy's Birthday Card

Daddy birthday is this month. I try to make a birthday card for him. I use my new clear stamps Single Scroll as background and a handcarve owl and rows of house and tree stamp. I also try to use the silks flowers that I brought and it really looks good with some glitter glue. Happy birthday ribbons was added in the card. Hope my dad will like it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yummy Clay Food:macarons,strawberries,mini cakes

Some yummy clay food that I made these few days. Some I did 2 month ago, just that I forgotten to take pictures with them.

This time I made alot of colorful macarons, some more strawberries, an ice-cream, some biskets, 2 mini cakes. Work is progress: some big macarons and more donuts. The mini cakes are abit Christmas theme. I plan to make a ring from it. Anyone interested to purchase for me, just leave a comment or email me.
A more tidy shot of the yummy clay. Click to enlarge picture to see the details. Enjoy

Orange Sky

I love the sky today. It was rainning at 6pm and this was a shot taken on 7pm. The sun is going down leaving the sky to be orange and darken down.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun playing with poodles

Weekends I went back to Penang to attend a schoolmates wedding. Will post those pictures when I get them soon.

Try on the camera video on my dogs. This is Lucky. He is a white naughty poodle. See how he greet me at the morning near the dinning table. He was attach around the other table and begging for food when I eat my breakfast.

This is Browny. Female Poodle is teddy bear brown. Look from far is like teddy bear. She is more friendly then Lucky. And she is an excellent ball catchers. This ball is too big for her mouth I guess.


Friday, November 07, 2008


Trying lomo again while waiting for TS yesterday at the KLCC Park.

None of the park or the tower pictures look good - except one. Only the leafs look good.
I don't know how I manage to get this shot. But I like the darker color of the leafs with the bright blue sky.
This you can see the greeny leafs rather then dark color leafs on the 1st picture.

The water and the plants around the park. It's around 6pm at the evening and its a good spot to just walk around and breath some fresh air from the woods inside the contrite jungle.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel looks like a huge building on this angle. Love the zakka color of the building, or is it from my lomo camera?
Going back to Penang later this afternoon. I have a good high school friend that is going to get marries tomorow. We as friends will hop by on the morning to become her "sisters" 姐妹 to make fun of the bride. Afternoon to the church (I think I won't be going to the church) and at night will be her wedding dinner.
Hope everything runs smoothly and well.

Clear stamps

These are what I brought from Debbie at her online shop - crafty heart last week. I always wanted to try on some clear stamps and she offers clear stamps for RM5.50 each. A good try on someone like me, just want to try on clear stamps and won't want to spend so much in the initial stage. I try all of the clear stamps and I can admit that some I couldn't carve those at my own. Too detail and fine lines.

The acrylic blocks 3 inch x 3 inch was just RM18. So cheap compare to craft shop selling out side. I bought some flowers too to try on my cards. And she was kind enough to sent me a pack of FREE ribbons. Thanks Debbie

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

pyssla 拼豆

Pyssla, also know as perler beads(拼豆) is a new toy I brought from Ikea during the weekends. It was suppose to be a child's toys, but I found it quite intresting as I need to think a design in a pixel dot prespective. I need to buy the plates seperately.
I didn't notice where was a sheet of papers inside the pack. I first iron them directly and it stick on my iron. Second time i try using paper but I didn't know how long to iron. When I took out, the beads fell down. After several trial and error. Finally I got this small house. Cute!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Condo

Some snap shot with lomo camera again. This time is where I stay. I stay on a 18 storey condominum. Management of the condominum is very bad. The paint has faded but they didn't re-paint them and making it so old. I like those flat in Singapore. They re-paint the building once every 5 years. But not ay my country.
A playground for kids to play. Some students hang around there too.
Swimming pool that I never been swam before. My place is a "student" condo. Its near the college and alot students will be swiming at there.
A view at the 17th floor of the condo. From here we can see the KLCC and the shops and houses down there. See how rusty the corridor metal is. Somewhere not in my condo, but else where. But I love the blue sky.

Alphabet stamps and craft scissors

Abit over spend on craft materials this month. But I was glad that I found these. Craft scissors 8 small piece for RM19.90 at Popular Bookstore. Very cheap if compare to Carl craft scissors, RM13 per piece. Gilter Glue for RM6.90 for 3 bottles at Popular bookstore. I love these gilter glue. Before this I brought the smaller pack, but my silver and gold almost finish from my last crafty project.
Alphabet stamps, finally alphabet stamps. I found it at a big bookstore shop at Petaling Street. There is only capital letters, but I wanted lower case letters. It was cheaper then those selling on craft shop. Without hesitate I grab 2. The bigger set is RM20 and the smaller one is RM12.50. There have other sizes too and number too. I used them on my bird ATC that I did last week.

Continue buying more on stock cards and color paper. Plus I found the glue tape at Popular Bookstore. A set of glue tape and refiller at the price of RM10. And I brought Sakura Pen for RM3.60. I found it cheaper compare to craft stores. I love wondering at Popular, they offers reasonable price of stationary and material.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Blogger Tag Cloud

Category/ Tags are the most quickest way to find a relevent topic you are interested in. The tradisional label in blogger is abit boring. They can only have a list of tags that you tag on your post. Besides that, if your number of tags are alot, it takes up a whole lot of vertical space.(which applies to me, on the lhs is just part of my categories).

I read thru some web designing website saying that this tag cloud is an popular widget in a blog. It looks short as it displays on a paragraph.

Inside the cloud tag, you will see it consist of different font size. The bigger the font size is, the more post on that category on my blog.

Now the category section looks more tidy.

Well, I am not a genius and I didn't write them by myself. I search it online and found this side which is very easy to do, just follow the instructions on Code for New Blogger Tag Cloud / Label Cloud from phydeaux3.

After you enter those codes on the correct place, you can customise your the font family, colours and font sizes.

Precious Moment ATC

Got these lovely ATC + postcard + handcarve stamped paper from Ivy last friday. The Precious Moment stamps was just so lovely and very detail stamp. She added some of her handcarve stamped paper for me too. I can see how details her carving was and it will be a good learning curve for me.


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