Thursday, April 29, 2010

4.2 British old Embassy 英国领事馆,Dream Mall夢時代購物中心, Love River爱河

The British old Embassy 英国领事馆 is 15 minutes walk from the Cijin Ferry Station. I think they should have shuttle bus to there, but we are too lazy to wait and just walk towards the British Old Embassy.

Some old building and streets we saw along the road.

Finally we reached the British old Embassy 英国领事馆, a historical building made from red bricks. There is also an english high tea restoran behind of the building.

We are more attracted with the beautiful sea view from the embassy. There you can see the 85 building where we stay.
Next we headed to the Dream Mall (夢時代購物中心) - the largest shopping mall in Taiwan and 2nd largest in Asia. We took the MRT and stop at Kaisyuan station (凯旋站). There is free shutter bus every 5-10 minutes to the Dream Mall and see how kawaii is the shuttle bus ~

Why do I come to this shopping mall? To me is to see the Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel(摩天輪)on the roof. See how huge is the Ferris Wheel.
Everywhere on the Ferris Wheels are decorated with Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends characters.

Even Sanrio characters on the ticketing booth and each couch. So cute~~!

The day is getting dark and we headed to the Love River (爱河). We took the MRT and stop at Yanchengpu(盐埕埔站). We took the free shuttle bus and reach GuangRou Habour (光荣码头). Such a beautiful river decorated with lights. It was such a coincidence that they are having a lattern festival there. And that day was their closing ceremony. And MayDay(五月天)is preforming there too. Woh~!
The fireworks starts 7pm and another final one at 9pm. It is a combination of fountain music and fireworks. It's very fun to look at firework from near as they are so much beautiful then you see it from far.

After the fireworks, we when to the lattern festival. Different types of design, motifs, pattern on the lattern festival and I think this 2 was the best.

Along the road side, this old man handmade candies are so cute. He actually draw the candy straight ahead from the heating plate. Amazing.

There are alot more places to visit at Kaohsiung. See here to get more information.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4.1 Kaohsiung高雄 - Cijin District 旗津

Next morning, we headed to Cijin District 旗津. Cijin is located on a thin island in Kaohsiung harbor. It's our 5th day at Taiwan. At the MRT station, we brought the unlimited 1 day pass which is NT$200 and NT$70 is refundable. We took the MRT and stop at the last station of the yellow line -Sizihwan (西子湾站). It is 7 minutes walk from the MRT station to the Ferry station. I would highly recommend to rent a bicycle or bike when you come down from the MRT station. Else you will be like us, walking non-stop.

It is short ferry ride, shorter compare to Penang and Seberang Prai ferry ride. Remember to prepare $15 coin for the ride.
The first building we see when we step our foot on this small island is the Cijin TianHouGong (旗津天后宮). It is a very old temple yet beautifully decorated with red latterns.
We started to walk along the beaches. Chinese temples is at everywhere.

Do remember to rent a bicycle. We didn't and we walk non stop until we gave up. We only pass by the Beach park (海岸公園) and the sea shell park (贝壳馆) and walk back to the ferry station.
On our way back, we manage to see an interesting event: God celebration (神游街). Some interesting faces, looks and culture could be see on here.

The whole street is fired up with red firecrackers and they just carry their god over the street without fear.

After a long walk, we manage to get ourselves back to Cijin Old street. We started to hunt for food. Cijin old street seafood are cheap, cheaper then we ate at Kenting.
We ordered: Steamfish, abalone slice, fried crab and small squid. Each dish is only NT$100 and rice is free flow and FREE. The seafood are fresh and delicious.

We finish our meal and took the ferry back to Kaohsiung main land. Next we headed to British old Embassy 英国领事馆.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4.0 Kaohsiung HomeStay 高雄 & RuiFeng Night Market 瑞豐夜市

We booked the driver to pick us up at 6.30pm and we reach aohsiung City at 8pm. The driver drop us at out Homestay <高雄85天空> which is located at 85 Building(85大楼). Our room is located at 30th floor. From our room, we can see the sea view. It is clean and spacious, much more better then the homestay in Taipei. Our room cost us NT$1680(saturday night) and NT$1180 (sunday night). I paid NT$1500 by credit card as deposit for my stay. It is just 10 minutes walk from the Sanduo Shopping District MRT station(三多商圈).

Next we headed to RuiFeng Night Market (瑞豐夜市), the largest night market at Kaosiung. We took the Kaohsiung Arena MRT (巨蛋站)to the night market. Taiwan night markets are far more different from Malaysian night market.

We started with the food section. I grab this Keli Biscult (可立饼). They will put the ingrediants n top of the base and wrap it over. I must say, the one I ate taste good. Its a mixture of salty ingrediants such as ham, egg, vegetables, corn ... etc.
I have also tried the fried bird egg(炸鸟蛋). Its just like Tako balls.
The grill squid 酥炸大鱿鱼(top left) are quite famous in Taiwan. Even a small store like this requires us to queue according to number we take. TS tried the hotplate chicken noodle 铁板烧鸡排(top right) ~ nothing special. One thing I like the most in Taiwan is the their fruits. Their fruits are very sweet and crispy. I brought 2 pack of guava from the bottom left photo, the stall called 阿容芭乐.Their licorice root taste(甘草口味)is the best. I enjoy those big red jambul air (水蓊) at there too. Taiwan Grill Sausages 香肠(bottom right) are the best among all. Malaysian so call "Taiwan sausage" has nothing to fight.

Taiwan night markets have alot of this kind of entertainments games. We can't find these at pasar malam at Malaysia anymore. I think I still can see this at Genting highland indoor theme park.
Baseball theme game. To me, their night market is like everything in a roof top. I even saw a stall serving message service. We tried the head neck message 15 minutes for NT$100.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

3.5 National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium 國立海洋生物博物館

After our lunch, we headed to the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium ( 國立海洋生物博物館). We plan to take the public bus but as the Aquarium last entry is 5pm. That time was around 3.15pm. We decided to take a cab to there, fee is NT$400 per car.

We leave our luaggage with the homestay and we pre-book the car driver to pick us up at the Aquarium at 6.30pm, which means we no need to carry our huge luaggage and walk around the Aquarium.

Entrance Fee to the whole park is NT$450. We brought it for NT$400 from our homestay.
A place inside the park, huge whales and fountains and water - it's water pool for children to play.

Huge squild made with metals ~

There are several section on the park, such as corals, sea life, fossil ....
I enjoy more on the natural coral section.

And these lovely cute penguin ~ and off course it is cool inside here. I have a video on these cute penguin, will update them later.

There is a place where we can see the sinking ships, surrounding with the sea life.

Pretty white whale

I love those jelly fishes...

There are only 2 of these sea lion on the park. He is so cute ~ he will peak on you and see if u are looking at him and if u are, he will start to swim and perform trick for you. Haha~!

Sea creatures that we can touch.

It's still fun visiting the Aquarium Park, it's more meaningful if you are taking your kids around.

Friday, April 16, 2010

3.4 Kenting National Park 垦丁国家公园 Part 2

The next morning, we started our journey with the Blue line mark on the map.

Our journey path:
Kenting Main Road (垦丁大街) -> Sail Rock (船帆石) -> Banana Bay (香蕉灣) -> Shadao beach(砂島) -> Eluanbi Park(鵝鑾鼻公園) -> Most South Part (最南點)-> Lungpan Park (龍磐公園) -> FengChueiSha(風吹沙) - > Gangkou Suspension Bridge(港口吊橋) -> Back to Homestay

First we reach Sail Rock (船帆石), a huge rock standing alone in the ocean.

Beach at the Sail Rock ~ so blue and beautiful

Harbour Banana Bay (香蕉灣) - isn't it the sea is too clean for a harbour? There is a place for swiming on Banana Bay but we didn't saw it!

After the Banana Bay, we drove to the Eluanbi Park(鵝鑾鼻公園).

Entrance Fee is $20(n.p $40), discount using the travel youth card.

Within the park, there are a number of recreational facilities and a wide range of interesting geological, botanical and ornithological features.

Becareful for snake and incests on the park ~

This park is famous for this most notable landmarks - the Eluanbi Lighthouse. The Eluanbi Lighthouse is also known as the "Light of East Asia"

The rest of the parks are those cave's form by natural stones, cliffs and trees...

Just beside the Eluanbi Park, we drove to the Most South Part (最南點) of Taiwan. It's another just a place to see more on the sea.

We drove again up the hill, later we passed by Lungpan Park (龍磐公園).The Park features spectacular sheer slumping cliffs, coastal terraces and of course again, beautiful views of the sea.

After the Lungpan Park, we arrive at FengChueiSha(風吹沙). Something special of the FengChueiSha is the strong northeasterly winds blow the sand up to the top of the cliffs. See the sand behind me ~! There are from the sea.

Later we arrive at Gangkou Suspension Bridge(港口吊橋), was just wondering why there is a suspension bridge at here.

We missed the Shadao beach(砂島) and we found it on our way back to our homestay.

Over the years, seashells, rhizaria and coral have create the fine white sand for which Shadao’s beach is famous.

But now it is prohibited to enter the sand area as too much sand has been taken away by visitors

We went back to our homestay and return the bike to the shop. We headed to have our lunch at Kenting Main Road. Here are the seafood we have for lunch which cost us NT$600++ ~ not cheap having seafood at Kenting

Coming next: National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


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