Monday, March 05, 2007

Database String connection

This few days was doing on the database thing for ASP, which I'm very not familiar with it.

PHP is much more easy to code rather then ASP. Maybe becoz I don't really use much in ASP.

This few days, I been cracking my head in working out the database connection for MS Access 2007. Dam headache as I saw the extension was different from the older version of MS Access. Previously was .mdb. Now with MS Access 2007, the extension change to accdb.

Search search search several days for the connection string, maybe I don't really know how to search, unable to search what I want.

Finally I saw a solution at a forum which refer me to this website: This website have all types of connection for different database. Open into what I want, eh... I try this b4, I guess I haven't setup the DSN.

Got to know from my collegue that at the server still need to add the DSN path for the database, aiyo..... Need to wait for the web server people to set it up for me.

Now waiting here.... nothing much to do.

Thinking of weather to buy my HP.


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