Monday, May 25, 2009

Blythe Gathering #2 at Mid Valley

Last saturday, I attend my second blythe gathering at Delicious, Mid Valley. Thank god that Jaymee told me the gathering was in saturday (I don't know why I keep remember the gathering is at sunday instate), else I will miss the gathering.

Well me as usuall, again last minute sew her dress. Actually I did try to sew her dress before, but wasn't that satisfy on her outfit. Luckly I manage to finish them on time. In this gathering, we agree to dress our dolls in school uniforms and some of us does really dress up on school uniforms.

Here is my doll and her school uniform. Thanks Allen whom get a beautiful shot of her.

I ordered chickhen salad and see how big the portion is. My friend ordered the salmon ones and it looks nice too.

Some decorations on the restoran.

Beautiful dolls from the gathering. Blonde straight hair (my wishlist doll) from Allen.
Another friendly freckles, but this one have more tidy hair.... Her outfit is primary school uniform. So cute

Serene doll of the left and Christy doll on the right. Both outfit are handmade by themselves. Talented ya~!
Miki took her newly customize doll out this time. After customisation, she looks so beautiful and more cute.... doesn't she?

Wedding dress. Black hair blythe seems to have its beautiful part too...

Jaymee dolls - in baju kurung and high school uniform in Malaysia.

Group picture

It is fun to join these gathering~!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Polka dot + sakura wristlet pouch

I had a busy weekend last week. Besides attending the Blythe gathering, I spend all my weekend sewing these custom orders of cosmetic pouches and handphone pouches.
The pink polka dots and sakara wristlet pouch turn out to be extreemly beautiful. I was admiring at it after I complete it. Although it took me longer time to finish it, but I love the accomplishment of doing something beautiful. It is so hard to let it go.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pattaya Trip

Had drag quite a long while for this post~ finally have some time to write on them. We spend 1 1/2 days and 1 night at Pattaya. We rented a hotel which is a walking distance to the beach and there is a huge newly build shopping mall behind our hotel. Here is view of the beach on the shopping mall. We reach there 3pm and after settle down at the hotel and some shopping at the mall. I manage to buy Naraya's bag at this shopping mall. Those bag are beautiful and in a very reasonable price.

Here is the seaside around evening time.

Those place to seat are not free, we need to pay 30Baht for these seats beside the beach.

Tuk tuk Taxi in Pattaya is different from tuk tuk at bangkok, there are abit bigger, like lori type of car. The short trip usually cost 10Baht per person (but they still plan to con you). Usually we see local will not ask for the price as at the tuk tuk itself we saw there is a notice written there they cannot charge more then 10Baht for per person.

Here we are heading to the famous "Walking Street" at Pattaya. Well its actually a pub street where you can enjoy those XXX shows and those clubbing area.

It was quite a long and far street to walk, there are different girls dress in different costume and some are rather too funny...

Next day, we when down to the beach and play water sports. I actually don't really enjoy the pattaya trip. The beach was not clear and it some how looks like at Penang beaches. I think I love to see those cleaner beaches in future.
That all for my trip to Bangkok and Pattaya. Will visit bangkok soon as I didn't shop enough.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Forest Necklace

It seems like I love to make my items base on forest...
Yup, there is alot of combination of the forest. This time I try using a deer button and make into this forest theme necklace. You can get them here. It is been quite a while that I didn't play with my craft pens. I did this packing using the popcorn pen and it looks great with abit 3D effects...

Gifts from friends

It is a wonderful world of the internet that I meet new friend with the same interest. Here are some small things that I receive recently. Omg~` they are all very beautiful.

Handmade bookmarks for EE. She is so talented in carving stamps and her card making skill has improved. See how beautiful the bookmark is.

Another gift that I win online from Joan. A pair of pearls earrings. There are very beautiful, especially the Comet Argent Light beads are so sparkling and it is so suitable for wearing them at dinner.
Happy days receiving gifts from friends......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scams? Or not

I was back for the weekends. I took a bus from Pudu and as usual, the bus is late again.
While waiting, there is a guy starting to talk with me.
Here is our conversation:
He: Where are going to?
Me: Penang (I was thinking he is going to ask if the bus have arrive)
He: Thats good lo, can go to Penang. (I am thinking? why good o??)
Me: Why? Where are you going to?
He: Kuantan.... emm.... My bag was taken by someone when I go toilet at the McDonalds. Remember do not put your thing untended. My money and handphone is gone.
Me: Then you didn't go and report police ar?
He: I didn't, thank god that I have put my IC seperate from my bag. (He take out his IC from a pouch from his pocket and let me see)
Me: Oic....
He: Can you borrow me some money so I can take bus back to Kuantan? (Now here is your main reason you start to talk to me la....)
Me: Emm.... Why don't you go to report at the police station and ask them to borrow you a telephone so you can phone home?
He: My handphone is gone.... I don't remember those numbers.
Me: Huh~! Even your house number you also no remember? (I can't believe that he don't even remember his house phone. He sounds fishy to me... I won't forget my phone number back at Penang, unless I lose my memory.)
He: No, I can't remember any.
He: Do you have a maybank account? I will banking back to you when I reach Kuantan
Me: No, I don't have. You better go to the police station la...
He: Now I realise KL people so realistic(现实), they don't help. (Now you are asking me to help you, but now you are criticize me ar?I beh song liao~~)
He: Then can you borrow me RM10, so I can find another people to give me RM2 so I can buy bus ticket back. (Bus ticket to Kuantan that cheap mer? Only RM12 ar?? My ticket to Penang already hike up until RM35 already.)
Me: I don't think I can help you. I think you better go police station better.
He: KL people so realistic(现实). You think I go police station they will help me mer? They will give money for me to go back mer? Blah blah blah.... (I didn't really listening to what he say, I'm abit scare by now... )
Me: Emm....
He: Or I sell you my bag
Me: What I want your bag for? I think cannot help you... (Me trying to walk away.)

After I get my bus, thinking back he doesn't look like a bad guy. But it is not the right situation to go and ask people as Pudu Bus station for money. Not that I don't want to help, but these days, those scams case are too many. You can't blame us to be so realistic. I heard of these case before, like those old lady begging for money and ended up its a scam. Nowadays along KL city, there are alot of "fake" monks wondering around KL area, they approch you by giving you a buddha card and ask you to donate money. Some "experience" monk will approch those foreigner (mat salleh) only. That's why don't take anything from anyone. There is no free lunch at here.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I am busy at work. I have a project to rush ... my boss want to launch that next monday - hate it, always last minute.

I was sick again. Stomach ache and diarrhea again at the weekends. Nothing much I can do at the weekends. Either watching movies or sleeping. Planning to visit a specialist to have a good check up, anyone have good recommendations at KL area?

I missed the pipit gathering event at time square last weekend. I didn't join but I plan to visit, but can't. My body doesn't listen to me.

I'm going to miss the Arts for grab event this coming week. I need to go back to Penang as I didn't go back after chinese new year. What a bad daugther am I. I just hate to travel 5 hours at the bus to go back to Penang alone. Plus my sister will be back and it's mothers day.

I am glad that I receive several custom orders from my shop, which will keep me busy crafting on the following weeks.

I want to start sewing on tote bag or bigger bags but I hardly squeeze out time for myself. (Maybe I spend too much on the internet and watching movies and dramas)

I want to go to the yoga but I am so lazy to go after work.

Well thats all for this week.


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