Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lego Exhibition

I'm still a toy fan, even I am an adult now. Can't resist on taking these picture's on a Lego exhibition on KLCC on the last school holidays.

It is just incredible that there are able to build these building using LEGO. It was my favorite toy during my childhood times. Sorry for the blur low quality pictures, I didn't took my camera that day and I just use my phone camera.

Taj-mahal if not mistaken.
Mini Twin Towers made by Lego. Incredible isn't it?

Roman Colosseum. This is my favorite.

I forgot what building is this.

Was busy at the previous weekend. I am in the process in taking photos and uploading some new beautiful bags for sale, but not handmade bags this time. Stay tune....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Whole New World

This song is recently sang by a Taiwan idol singing competition (超級星光大道5). It touches my heart and makes me remember those days I love this song before. I remember I could watch those Disney movie for several times without getting bored.

Here is the Taiwan idol singing competition (超級星光大道5)- A Whole New World by 劉明湘&楊駿文. Both singers are my favorite singer.

Obviously they can't sing as good as the original version. I love how the both Brad Kane and Lea Salonga sings like as it they are telling a story. This is original version of - A Whole New World.

Another favorite song from the Lion King: Elton John "Can you feel the love tonight"

Even as an adult now. I still enjoy watch Disney or cartoon movies...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cute animals & zakka lace rubber stamps

I am thinking on using them at my next project.... These cute animals and zakka lace rubber stamps are just too cute, too beautiful.... I always wanted those lace line stamps, it seems to be something like those real lace where I can stamp on paper for card making and fabric for decorations.

If you want some of them, come and have a look on my shop. I have some more left.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Finally the bags were out

Finally, I manage to snap pictures on some of the bags that I made a few weeks back.

This is one of the bag I love the most. It looks so elegant taking it around. I used zakka light brown fabric with dark blue handles for this hand carry bag. I have added a bow with a pearl in front of the bag. I decorated this bag with chains wondering around with dragonfly and butterfly following with a hand stamped fabric ink note of "nuts about you" message (from hero arts stamps that I brought) on the bag.

Another on of my favorite. This Beautiful motif of trees around the bag with deers and rabbit wondering around the trees got my attention when purchasing this fabric. I didn't really care how the fabric pattern was cut. And it ended up 2 side are in different portions of the fabric. But it is still something special as 2 sides are different and you can change anyside that you like anytime.

Some eco-shopping bag that I have made. Now everywhere is promoting to get your own shopping bag rather using plastic bags. It's time to save the planet....
This eco tote bag I handpaint with aryclic colors which consist an elephants, a bird & a cloud. The message "happy time" is drawn using a fabric marker. This is my first time drawing in fabrics and it was kinda fun. It reminds me those days when we attend art class at schools.

I have cut and sew a polka dot fabric for the elephants ear. Looks more 3D look.....

This was the first bag I learn how to sew a eco tote bag. When I start sewing, it really makes me a headache, but it become more and more easy when I start sewing more and more.

If you like them, you can purchase them at my shop.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Addicted to sewing bags

Let you see what I am doing recently. I am now addicted in sewing larger bags, such as shopping bag, tote bag and hand carry bags.... I guess I abit sick on sewing the same pattern of pencil case and cosmetic bags for my shop. I plan to finish them by end of the weekend so I can get some lovely picture on them. I'm still considering to join or not to join the pipit market event that is coming soon. Sometimes I hate to just rush and rush for an event, which makes me tension on crafting. Shall I join the event this coming July??

I was happy that recieved my Hero Arts and Penny Black stamps safely. The Penny Black stamps are so much detail in those lines. Not very sure if it is really good in stamping in fabric, but I think it will works fine in paper. I tried stamping the Hero Arts stamp on the fabric yesterday and it looks fine. But the ink kinda stain on my stamp. Do I need to buy a stamp cleaner to clearn it??
Today I receive some more clear stamps, flowers and brads from crafty heart. Happy days!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nesting in my balcony??

Last few days I was hanging my clothers at the balcony(night time), I heard some noise at the side of my balcony. I was scared. I am not sure it was a rat or something else. Although I live at 17th floor of a condo, I do experience a rat entering my house and eat our food. I can't imagine how the rat manage to climb until the 17th floor.

I come back home and remember to have a watch what actually is that thing moving at my balcony. Well, very obvious 2 pigeons. I ask my housemate, did you know there is pigeons at our balcony? One of them told me, he saw them lay eggs and hatch into pigeons. Omg.... I didn't know that. I thought those are pigeons was hurt and cannot fly. I didn't know they were baby pigeons. I didn't know pigeons are in black color when they are babies... I will let them stay there until they know how to fly. Hope they don't shit too much at my house balcony.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yoga Class

Finally I force myself to attend yoga class somewhere near my house.

Yesterday was my second class, I attend pure yoga class. Where I learn how to have a better posture and stretch my body. It was not as tiring as the first class I attend last week. Last week I attend a class which is a mixture of aerobic and yoga. After 10 minutes of aerobic, I can start to sweat. That was a class for losing weight as is burn more calories. After the class, I feel myself aching here and there. Maybe it is because it's been a long time I stop exercising.

I start to force myself to consume some supplements too. I believe a healthy body is a mixture of intake balance nutrition and exercise. I don't really believe in those slimming products to eat to have a slim body. I rather go and exercise.

I hope it helps in giving me back a more healthy body.

Scam again?

I was back from work. I need to take the monorial, then stop and switch at Bukit Nanas monorial and continue my journey back home. When I was walking towards the Putra LRT. There was a booth selling water filter called Oasis (if not mistaken). A girl later pass her brochure to me.

I told her I have a water filter at home and I was not interested. She told me that she is not selling any product today. She say that their company has just launched a new show room. She ask me free time go and have a look look. Then she say, we are having a lucky draw, if you are lucky enough, you can win a foot messeger, or a beauty belt..... Then they say need to tear the lucky draw on the spot. OK lo... I tear lo... It show "Congratulations BOT". I held back to her and say what is this? She suddenly become very excited, keep on shaking my hands. Saying that I won their company share holder oh, then will give me profit. I asked: Need money to invest or not? She say no. She keep on congratulate me, shake my hand very hard and saying thank you to me, saying I help her earn RM1200.

Then her colleague nearby come and ask us, she told him I won that BOT thing, he was then very excited too. They keep on telling me that I will be their boss la....how establish they are la. I can get 3% of the share holder... I can get total of RM6600 of water filter + xxx products for free...I stand I chance to win a BMW car....

I felt like it is just impossible that someone just give you something for free. Plus their excitement on the shareholder thing that I got was over reacted. Making their excitement is so fake. A sales girl there keep on saying how good their company and keep on hitting my arm. Which I feel very uneasy of their over-reaction.

They told me that if I want to get their share holder thing, I will need to go to their head office at Klang Lama and will discuss the details there. I told them I don't have transport, and they suggest me to take their company car to go. (Hmm... They now sound suspecious, why need to immediately go, why need to take their company car). As my mum is in this water filter industry for quite a long time, I called her and ask about the validality of the company. I told her the whole situation and she say that she held that company before and tell me not to turst them. Then my mum keep on saying this and that. I told her:"Ma, I call you later, I reject them first". After I hang up the phone, I look at the sales girl, I say no to her and just walk away. I notice when I close down the phone, her face become black. When I rejected her, they didn't come over and pursue me anymore.

On my way back, the more I think, the more I feel not right.
-If there is such a good deal, those sales person can just take and just give to their friends?
-Why the company is so good giving free share holders to strangers around the street?
-Why the company still give them so much commision (RM1200) to the sales person, where they are giving away money(their share holder) to strangers. There are rugi more then earn now (sounds fishy right?)
- Why do I need to claim the price immediately?
- Their booth does not have any other products!!!(the sales girl claim if you win a smaller gift, they will give u on the spot, if you win a bigger gift, you need to take from their shop, I didn't even see any small gift around their booth )

When I told TS at night, he directly told me its a scam (刮刮乐). I heard before this type of scam, just the I didn't know I experience on one of this scam. I was nearly been cheated. But thank god that I always reminding myself there is no free lunch nowadays.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crafts Gathering 6/6 Mid Valley

This was my second meet up with Gianni. She call more people for this meetup - which include Agnes, Estee, Gainni, blue grass, Dan dan. Dan dan bring another crafty friend too.

There is my new hair cut.

Due to school holidays + public holiday, Mid Valley was packed with people. I will need to squeeze myself at the KTM. Futher more, I still feel aching on my whole body due to the yoga class that I attend last thursday. (Too long never exercise!!)

We started swap for some small handmade gifts that we prepared. You can see the whole table are full of goodies on our swap items...

Here is the total swap gifts that I get. Is that wonderful?

Miniature living room doll house from Estee
Tea Time miniature from Gianni
Bone seaside drawing from Blue Grass
Braclet from Agnes
Cutie handphone chams from Dan dan.

Today I accidentally browse thru this digital lomo camera Vivitar Vivicam 5050. A better function compare to those keychain camera. Omg... I wish I can try on them, see how beautiful the photos are at flickr group, here, here, and here.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New hair cut ~ new look

I drag and drag and drag.
From Chinese New Year I plan to do something with my hair.
Until now it is middle of the year. I still haven't so something with my hair.
Until last sunday, I accompany TS to do his hair cut at the shops near by my house. He suggested me to go and ask the price on doing my hair. I step in the salon and ask the details. It was 8.30pm at Sunday night. But surprisingly they still accept me. (Hair salon usually closed at 9pm at our area).

The hair stylist was quite a nice guy. As I have no idea what kind of hair that suits me, I ask for them to do the hair that suits me most.

They first need to wash my hair to get my original hair textual to determine which hair style suit me best. My hair type is very thick and hard texture hair. He claim that my hair type is very suitable to do alot of different styling (first time I heard like this, is it true?). I always hate my hair to be so bulky and thick.

He recommend me to do perming with some hair treatment. Cost is RM188 + RM40 (for straighting my fringe). Quite reasonable price I think.

The whole process was very tiring. As you know, doing these hair things takes so much time to sit at the salon. I couldn't move around as they are some machine attached to my hair. The whole process ended at 12.30 midnight. I was the last customer at the shop. So pai-seh that hade make them OT. But I guess they just served every customers that walks in.

TS manage to grab a photo at around 12 midnight at the shop. The hair stylist is still doing my hair...
I quite like my new hair style. Thinking to try more different look when I am young. Sometimes when we get older, some type of hair style we just cannot try. Such as lolita style. I dare not wear them out now on my this age. It really doesn't suits my age now. I only can dress lolita on my dolls now.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bookmark exchange and laptop sleeve

Its been quite a while that I didn't make things with paper. This time I joined NNC bookmark exchange, so I took out my card making things and make these cards.

I was addicted on those flowers and butterfly emblishments recently. Almost all my cards are make from them. The only difference are how I arrange them and different pattern paper I mix and match with it. I added some laces to my card this time. On the right of the image. I tried to make something different. The background of the card was made from scraps of fabrics that I left. The scraps fabrics are too beautiful to be thrown away to the bin. So I keep them and here they are, in a bookmark for the swap.

Actually the swap only needed 2 cards, but i did additional one more for an online friend. She will be getting them soon.

At the weekends, I manage to sew the laptop sleeve a customer. Sorry for the delay anyway

It seems that I have alot ideas on mind, I just to lazy to take all my supplies out and crafting and then keep them when I need to sleep at night. There is no proper place for me to do crafting and I just use the living room. And everytime I start crafting, I will mess up the whole living area. I just wish I have a room in future

Monday, June 01, 2009

Blythe outing

Sorry of the lack of blogging recently. Was busy at work and not feeling very well.

As promise, I brought her back to TS hometown on the last weekends.
As usual, not every one accept this doll, some of them think why I spend so much on her.
I didn't bring her out of the house. But TS house itself have alot spot of photography.

I try the 2nd generation stand from the Serene and try to investigate how to use them. See more at here (戀戀小布).It is really very hard to make it balance well. She hit the floor several time(ouchhh....sorry, I feel bad for her). Here is one picture I found very cute, her expression and the way she stand looks like she is trying to balancing herself.

That was her school uniform that I made for her during the gathering. On the right handside of the picture was the school uniform that I first made. I couldn't find any tiny round buttons and replace them with tiny love buttons. Anyone know where can I get tiny round buttons, around 4mm-6mm at KL??
I now reliease why people wanted a 2nd doll? Because when I do more then one outfit, I only can dress her in one outfit and snap picture and change another outfit and snap picture. Abit troublesome. I am using this temporary doll stand to display her second outfit.

She is really beautiful with the nature especially with the flowers. This was another outfit that mey housemate made and I have add lace on her sleeve and buttons on the middle of the dress. It is abit big in size for her (my mistake, the template was too big).

She looks so tiny on the background aloe vera plant.


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