Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Gift #2

Here are some Christmas gift that I receive after Christmas. A handmade card from my partner that I send to seng seng, it seems like she haven't receive my swap gift yet, but I already recieve her thank you card.
Another lovely, creative card from EE, my bf and housemate feel that she creates more surprise on her cards.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mer? year end giveaway

Mer? is a talented crafter that I enjoy browsing her creation thru out the whole year. How I wish I can sew like her. Or as hard working as her. Among her giveaway, I love her passport holder.

She is so generous at this year end giveaway as she is giving out 6 handmade present, which includes a Laptop sleeve, Camera Pouch, Make-up / Stationary Pouch, Passport Holder, Cellphone Holder and a Small Handbag.

Visit her blog to see more details on how to win these lovely gifts at Mer?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Cards from friends

Got this lovely small card and lots of goodie from Ivy. She is very generous in giving small gifts to me this year. I love her decorated envelop with some snowflakes stamps. Lovely
Agnes was kind enough to sent me a card too. Thanks Agnes.

To everyone else : Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas swap (Received)

This was the gifts that I receive from my partners from the Agnes Christmas swap. Here is what I send to my partners.

This was what I received from Angelina(caca). A bit disappointment where I received a huge decorative sock without any handmade gifts inside :(
Here was what is in the sock, 3 pom poms, a small card and some candies.
Is the cherry pom pom the handmade gift ?? I assume it is part of the decoration of the sock.
The second swap was more exciting, I got this nicely wrapped Christmas gift from Jeslyn.
Gosh~~ see how much handmade gifts that I got. Eight ~!
I love her pom pom santa, angel and angel accessories the most. They look simply too cute... Thanks Jeslyn for these lovely gifts.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas card 2009 #2

Rush, rush, rush...

Finally there are out for mailing last Tuesday.
I understand that it might not reach US on time. But at least I sent them all out.

The above was the initial snowman card that I made, I felt something is still missing until I added a piece of gold card on top of it and it looks more pretty now.

One of my favorite card of this year. I love the small card on the envelop. The red background of the card I make from recycle paper and and it looks great. My friend told me it looks more like a Chinese new year card. What do you think??
More cards~

I made the card below after I finish all my Christmas Card, does the stacking of elephant looks cute to you?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recycle Envelops

Since I start doing online selling, wrapping up parcel and package is part of my task.
I like orders in Pos Express and I just need to put the item at the envelop and seal it.
But Pos Express has it's limitation as big bulky items such as bags, pouch are not able to fit in to it.

Pos Laju is the best, you can use anything to wrap and they will just accept. I am using those paper bags as envelops to post them using Post Laju. It was actually my friends idea. As my colleagues order Starbucks and Sandwich often, so there is a lot of these paper bags around the office. Throwing them on the bin seems like a waste and it is too soft to use it daily as a shopping bag.

The is the latest parcel I sent using Post Laju. Just put the handle inside and stick the edges with tapes and it is ready for postal.
Here are some paper bags that I collect. Any brown color paper bags can be use for either Register Post or Post Laju. So I have a bunch of these paper bags at my kitchen.
For me, using a brand new envelop to wrap parcel, when the parcel reach the receiver, it will be very crumble up as well. Why not using these paper bags and post your parcel in further. It's environment friendly. Do you care what envelops your sender use to sent to you?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Swap 2009 (sent)

It's been sometime that I haven't join any swap. I missed those days from the FAA Lucky Parcel swap. The excitement and joy on unwrapping and revealing those goodies.

I have join a Christmas swap from Agnes. Here is the items that I post to my 2 partners. I didn't capture every item that I put into the sock and the box, will post on the links and more pictures after my partners got their hands on this special gifts I sent over. Here is the detail items that Agnes got from me.
I received 1 of my Christmas Gift, but I was quite disappointed on the items I received ~~! Will post them in my next post then. I hope I'll get something better on my 2nd parcel. Pray hard!~

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merci + Lace Stamp

Can't understand why I was hook on these beautiful lace stamps.
I been collecting them from time to time. Maybe because I can't carve as detail as these.

The small match box stamps are one of my favorite stamps now. The stamps are carved in full detail and very small. I use the "Merci" (Thank you in French) rabbit stamp + lace stamp and stamp them in a small piece of "Thank you" card for my customer who have brought things from me. It makes a smile of my face and hope it brings my customers too :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas Giveway 2009

Ho ho ho, merry Christmas. I like the music playing on the shops, I love the decoration on the malls. This year, I am giving away a small christmas gifts to fans, friends and anyone that have been visiting/ supporting my small shop for the pass months. Head over here my shop and see how to win this gift. Everyone is welcome to join.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hello London, Forrest Kawaii pouch

Gosh~ It seems to be a long time that I didn't sew. Was side track on other crafts which keep myself busy and doesn't have much time on sewing. Was busy on the housing hunting and purchasing process that keeps us rush here and there to find a best home that we like.

This was a fabric that I buy some time ago, one of my favorite. It is in bright blue color covered with red uniform queens guard marching and playing music for the upcoming festival. Each of them have it's own instruments. The fabric itself is so cute as if they are stories just by viewing the farbic.
I have added a Paris Tower charm on the zip....
Sew on the linen fabric label that I got several months ago. It match perfectly with the theme of this pouch.

I think this small pocket inside the pouch is so cute. You can store your small stuff, such as lipstick or lip blum.
Another zipper pouch that I have sew. The fabric consist of animals such as rabbit, horse, mouse, bears dress up for a carnival parade inside the forest. I have added a polka dot ribbon on the bottom left of the pouch. Giving out this pouch to someone you love and care as represent on the bear hugging your heart. I really made it with love on all my crafts and I can spend time just admiring them.

Well I need to

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cute crocodile

Some of my friend ask me, why you didn't use those things that you have made? I said, got are... this handphone string is something that I assemble myself, not to say I made the charm my self. The pink crocodile charms is one of my favorite charm now... I got hooked on it the first time I saw him.
Now my mobile charm looks too crowded, but yet I still love the sound and the charms lying around. I have now hook my handmade fruit tarts on my handphone. I know it looks abit crowded, but I like the 2 bells sounds. Now my crocodile have a big fruit tart to enjoy on its own... Haha...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas card #1 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates... my camera isn't working quite well recently.
Christmas mood start wondering in town. I see shops are start decorating with christmas ornements and decorations. I started creating these christmas card earlier. Need to post them to overseas for friend and family or anyone want to adopt them can email me at ciyouong@yahoo.com.

This year, I didn't really buy much materials to do my christmas cards. I would like to see how is my creativity this year with limited materials to create cards that I like. Most of the materials are those exsisting ones that I have plus some newly brought ones.

I love the pink button snowflakes. They match pretty well on the cards. Christmas is all in themes of red and green. I try my very best to make sure it looks match and nice.
A greeny version of chirstmas card. I think I need to stock up for christmas wording or start carving some more wordings for my christmas card collection.

Christmas comes well with blue, white and silver color theme. These are from my last year carve stamps + gems + snowflakes...

Which one do you like more??

Stamped images

A surprise letter landed on my desk... it was a swap gift that I got from Ivy. This are so precious as they are hand carve stamps from her own personal collection. I'm so grateful that she gave me tons of them. It will look extreemly great on my future card making. Thanks Ivy.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

House Hunting

TS suddenly feel that he wanted to buy a new house before the year ends.
I was not ready at first, not ready to make commitment toward the house loan.
But after some thought, rather then paying rent, might wise just buy a home to stay.
In addition, I have brought alot of deco items from Bangkok, but my current house has no place to put nor not suitable to put.

Started house hunting thru the internet, book some appointment for house viewing.
This continue for several weeks, sometimes the whole saturday we went for 4-5 places to view house. We started to find around setapak, but the housing price is too pricy. A brand new 1300sqt condo in setapak will cost RM350K++ and a second hand condo will cost at least RM300K++. Something not good about condo is every month we need to pay maintaince fee.

We look into double storey houses, but setapak area is more then RM500K++. We went futher, to puchong, usj, kota kemuning and putra heights.

Both of us love Kota Kemuning houses,you can have a look here and here. But its abit over our budget and it is quite far from town and located at Shah Alam. It's RM400k++ for a brand new unit. I hate those investers. They buy when the house is launch and sell it 2 years later after the house is completed in a higher price. That's why those people that really want to buy house to stay cannot find a new house because of these people. Another thing that keep bordering me are those legal and lawyer fee that will cost RM20K extra because our new goverment new law ~~ hate it.

Argh....... Still looking and searching.....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mangosteenskin's Giveaway

Look how lovely these stamps are~~ Colorful and cute.... It's a giveaway from Mangosteenskin ~ a talented rubber stamp maker. Known her online for quite some time and her work really amaze me.... Click here to see how to win her stamps.

For me, I would like to have an eiffel tower or a mirror with handle like the image below to be carved as stamps :)

Contest ends 12 noon, Tuesday 3rd November 2009. Quick.... go now~!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goodbye my stamps

Saying goodbye for my handwork carve stamps... They can't be use anymore. There are sticked together and have chips and cracks here and there.

One think I learn on storing those carve rubber stamps are to layer a tissue within each rubber stamps. Plus do not use those soft rubber as it tends to melt and stick to another rubber.

So sad I have to throw them on to the bin... :(

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blythe gathering at Marmalade Cafe, KL

A small gathering compare to the previous one at Pavilion and KLCC. Marmalade Cafe is located at Bangsar Village 2, Kuala Lumpur. The food there are in big portion and taste good. Mine turkey wrappo was very tasty, it taste way much better compare to O'brians.

I was so rush on this gathering, I forgot to take my camera and here are photos that took by others.

Two friendly freckles with different style. Even the same doll looks different. Mine doll is on the left of the picture. She is happy that she finally have a decent, beuatiful dress that I got from her. The other doll is with a red hook... she definately looks cute.

The restaurant have lovely background of painting ~`

Jaymee's babies~

Cup cakes for Serene's Birthday

Even we have a small crowd this time, but the number of dolls are rather a lot.

The group picture of us~~


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