Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daiso Singapore

Daiso was highly recommended on a group of crafters at d-xite. First because its only S$2 per item. Second you can find alot craft suppliers, goodies from Japan.

I have a chance to visit Daiso at Vivo City and Plaza Singapora during my visit to Singapore. See more Daiso Stores and address here. Really alot of Japanese goodies inside. Such as japanese bowls, cups, chopstick (Will buy next time when I have a house), now not using them. Bento box and bento supplies, bento mold which is way to cheap compare to Isetan.

Sanrio stuff too. Alot of original Hello Kitty stuff for S$2 only. Thats cheap. Can't get in Malaysia.

Kawaii letter pads. I didn't buy because I still have alot of letter pads at home. Irresitable to snaps some photos back.

Less goodies on craft materials, maybe all sapu by other crafters. No ribbons that I like.

Saw big piece of felt at there too. Consider cheap for $S2. But not the color I wanted. So didn't buy.

Wanted to go to the largest Daiso at Jurung IMM but just lack of time. Never mind, next time I guess.

See what I brought back.
1. Natural Wooden box
2. Clover leaf plastic bags
3. Animal plastic spoons.
4. 2 x Kawaii Memo pads
5. Kawaii Animal Origami Papers
6. Hello Kitty Passport holder.

All for S$14.

I get things I can't get at Malaysia and KAwaii stuff for cheaper price.

Hope they will open a Daiso at KL soon.


Sing Yee said...

Haha... I also heard Daiso is a good place in Singapore to get Japanese stuff. :) Waseh... So many kawaii there. Sanrio ori for $2 only? That's a steal! I wanna go Sing Ga Por!!!!! Aiyo, Daiso faster come Malaysia lo!

Ciyou said...

sing yee: Daiso go a branch at KK if not mistaken. Is it near your house??

Sanrio I see they stated Sanrio Japan, I think they are original, but they are selling small stuff like chopstick, tuala.... etc. Forgotten liao, too many things there

Anonymous said...

Malaysia got Daiso already. Melacca Pahlawan. at carefour there.


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