Monday, July 21, 2008

Singing Contest not exciting anymore

Last night, manage to watch the singing contest - 超级星光大道第三季. One of this contest singer called Lala Shu (徐佳瑩), me & TS feel like she don't deserve so high score compare to other singers. She is popular in song creater, but her voice doesn't sound as good as Peggy Lin (林芯儀)and Ivy(黎礎寧). But seems the judges like very side to her and always give her high marks. Even in the PK contest, her opposition is a Soprano (洪子涵) with excellent voice, how come Lala can get equal marks then the soprano?

My favorite songs of Peggy Lin (林芯儀)

《Yes or No》

My favorite songs of Ivy(黎礎寧)
《Save me from myself》

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