Thursday, August 28, 2008

Handmade Pouch - FAA Lucky Parcel

Was extreemly busy at work lately. Even need to work at night from home to finish up the website.

Here are my works during the past weekend.

I wanted to see how my carve stamps was stamped on fabric and it was an idea that come thru me that I can try it out on my swap items.

I try to stamp the sakura flowers, clouds and birds on each pouch. Looks great.

It was for the up coming FAA Lucky Parcel: Brown and sender Colors swap. I choose pink which is my favorite combination (I miss the last one). These are with goodies inside.

Finally we need to add a note to indicate the swap is from who. I just take back those stamps and try stamping on brown stock paper. Looks great. I enjoy more and more on stamping and crafts.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Russian Dolls

I wanted to carve this Russian Dolls long long time ago. But couldn't find a erraser that is big enough to carve.

Was window shopping again and my eyes was attracted to a bigger size rubber that I found at Isetan. It was 7cm x 3.4cm. I think the largest that I could found.

Isn't it adorable?

The most right bottom was the final print of the russian dolls. I have test from the top left to see how it looks like.

This russian doll stamp is 5.5cm x3.4cm.

Suprising the erraser is hard, but still easy to carve. I prefer softer erraser as it is more easy to carve.

Now my first look on stationary shops will be errasers.

Spaghetti for Dinner

I not good in cooking. So I usually do simple cooking, which my mum taught us.

I know the spaghetti doesn't looks good. But it taste excellent.

Very easy to make, I just add prawns, shitake mushroom, eye and carrots. Cook the spaghetti noodle and just scoop the tomato pasta sause (I'm using prego). This is call lazy and fast cooking.

Now you know what it taste good. You don't need to be good in cooking to have a good meal like me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carving craziness

Was busy at work today, finally I have a new website design I need to do.

I'm a challenging myself to do the whole page using CSS DIV rather the TABLE, which I wanted to learn.

Ok, done for the boring part of working, lets see the crafts that I made last weekend.

Was to crazy and kinda addicted on carving.

Love the sakura and the fan the most. I do love the others too.

Full picture on my rubbers and the stamped images.

*Click on the picture to have a detail view*

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cutie Birdy mug giveaway

I always love hand draw pictures. This website that I stumble upon consist of birdy theme mugs is extreemly cute.

This is my favorite mug - Tea Party. I love this mug which the bird have a tea pot on top on their heads. I hope it is printed as T-shirt and I am sure it is just cute to wear.

Interested on in winning one? Click the Gisele Jaquenod website to see other choice of this super cute birdy mugs.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

West Highland White Terrier

Remember those cute white puppy that we saw at those forwarded email? White, small and super cute.

I saw them yesterday on a pet shop at petaling street. It was just way too cute, but when the seller carry this puppy out, he is shivering... but when you put him back to his cage, he was happy jumping here and there. Abit mischievous.

But he cost RM2380 ~~ Ohmmm..... way too expensive.

TS keep on saying how cute he is, how fun he would accompany me.

But thinking of me living at an condo, I might not be able to have him in my condo. And I live at 17th floor, I'm so scared that he fell down.

Plus having him is a burden somehow, you need to take care him, you need to make sure he is ok....

Was thinking if he would stay with me, he will sure knock my door every morning, waking me up...

So cute~~ but...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Stamping at fabric and cards

Want to make something out of my carve tree stamps. I have an idea on stamping them on fabric and here is how the fabric looks like. I am using versa craft stamp ink pads. After stamping just iron it with a hot iron and the color will stay on the fabric.

My new sunglasses pouch with my hand stamp fabric ~~ cool

Try those stamps on card. Trying to mix and match with the existing colors that I have.

I love the tree with the bird flying and blue sky that post card the most. Which do you like?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tree, flower, cup on books stamps

More stamps that I have carve last sunday.

TS say that he know how to carve. He say he carve during school days and say to me why need to buy book and learn where can just ask him for help.
TS说他会刻。 他中学时都有刻, 为什么没向他请教,而买书学呢?

The most right hand side tree is his carving, not very perfect but can say not bad too.

As of miscommunication, the carve the other way round and on the most left hand side is what I wanted him to carve. So I carve myself.
因为沟通上的问题,刻的方向不是我要的,最左手边的树是我要叫他刻的效果。 由于就自己刻了起来。

That tree as my second attempt, the first attempt was not that pleasant, alots of small parts break. The more you carve, the more skill and experience you will gain.
第一个尝试的树不真么理想,这棵树是第二个尝试的树,因为小小的部分都被我刻断了。 刻得越多,您将获取更多技巧和体验。

Small alphabet to add in to my collection, still a long way to complete 26 characters.
增加的小字母的印章,仍然有慢长的路要完成26个 字母。

Added new stamp pads - versa fine to print detail stamping
增加的新的印台-versa fine来印细节

Monday, August 11, 2008

Food Foundry Western Food @ SS17

At a corner area of a shop house, very not obvious restoran, but still got people visiting this restoran at 2pm saturday afternoon. Hear TS say that weekdays lunch time is crowded with people.

No much decoration, abit like mamak, but still got good music and dim light.

But the food is equivalent to those nicely decorated restaurant(eg: chilis). The food is arrange beautifully at the plate.

We order Golden Blue (RM15.90) and fish and chip (RM14.90). The Golden Blue was very big portion and the fish and chips taste excellent. It is using real fish to fried rather then using fish filet. I love the mayonise the most.

It is without service tax and goverment tax. Nice food, worth to have a try.

Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, 46400 PJ.
TelL 03-79553885

TS still can eat sakae sushi after the meal. I only mange to accompany him and just have some green tea for digestion.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Donuts~ Clay food

Been abit productive yesterday. All people was busy watching the olympic opening ceremory, while I'm doing my crafts (:( no TV at home)

Donuts~~ still a long queue at donuts
Got strawberry favour, chocolate favour, green tea favour... plus topings and creams

Here is the end products
It can be use at paper clips, gift tag clips or even magnet memo pad clip (I haven't add the magnet yet)
The green and pink ric rak and the black lace clip, I have added some small rhime stones to add some spark on the clips

Friday, August 08, 2008

Stamping links

Read on a post of scrapbook* in a forum today , they are a group a scrapbook craftster. I am not really in scrapbook thing, but I sometimes do enjoy handmade greeting card. Especially on stamping.

Found several good stamping website that sell rubber stamp and clear stamps, some ides I could put on my crafts:

Today is 08-08-2008, and it is the start of Beijing Olympic games~ I saw some people are taking half day off to celebrate. Saw in newspaper that hundred of couples are registering today. What a memorable day.

* forum in chinese language(use google translation if you don't understand)

Forensic Heroes II《法證先鋒II》

Was addicted to movie recently. At the beginning I thought I just one a movie to accompany me when TS is not around, who knows it can be so addictive.

Forensic Heroes II法證先鋒II》was a great movie. It is a movie about how they use morden technology, scientific evidence to solve some criminal case. They can base on some tiny bity blood stain, a single hair or a mark on the floor to solve the case. Great movie.

Remember to watch at weekend, else you be like me, panda eyes to work every day~~

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blog design revamp #1.0

As a web programmer, it is ashame not to revamp or redesign the blogger template. Which I want to do a long long time ago. I just really lazy to browse thru the XML coding.

Well today I was a bit free and did the header part. Added new header image to make it look bright and colorful.

I want to redesign the whole blog like how I did those companies websites. Althought I'm not a web designer, but I still know how to do some small design. But hosting this image its abit troublesome and the blogger XML codes are not the language that I'm using. I know it is not hard for a IT person to study those codes, just lazyness crawls all over my body right now.

Been eating bread pass few days as stomach become bloaty and discomfort after a normal rice or noodle meals. I think it is the side effect after the food poisoning last weekend. I think I shall eat as normal but just lesser portion but more meals each day. Hope this stomach discomfort thing recover soon.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Ipod case & hand heat protector

Planned to sew a Ipod casing, but ended up the casing was too small.

Instate I got a pink ipod casing for RM15 in the recent PC fair. Ipod accesories are not cheap, but mine was the 2nd generation nano ipod, so most of them are clearing stock.

Not feeling well on sunday, have sleep for the afternoon. At evening, nothing much to do and start some sewing projects. I only manage to sew this - hand size heat protector to use to take hot pots and plate's for cooking. I have added green pokka dots linning inside the heat protector

The funny part was when TS want to wear this heat protecter, he need to squeeze his hand into it, which means is too small size for him. Haha~~ he laugh and said: you use your hand and measure are? Then what about me? ... "Eh, I use the template from the book ler....", I said.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Popcorn pen

Popcorn pen is a pen with fun puffy paint. Just squeeze out paint and blow it with hair dryer to have the 3D popcorn effect.

I have tested yesterday, it really can "pop", but due to my hair dryer contrains. I need to iron behind my paper 1st before I using the hair dryer. Sometimes successfully pop out. Sometimes my hair dryer will automatically cut off becoz too high.

Too bad my oven is at my friend house. Maybe I should oven it next time.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Salad & salad sauce

Decided to keep fit/ keep slim from this week. Mainly because I feel that my body is starting to get weeker and more and more poison in my body which I could see my body have some alery symptom.

So I started to have salad for dinner every day.

Looks colorful, isn't it?
I mainly put vegetables(lettures,mini tomato, onion, green pepper, carrot, purple carbage...) + 1 fruit + some meat (sausage/ chickhen/tuna/ham) + an egg. It is actually very filling and I makes me as full as eating main meal with rice.

I love thousand island as the salad dressing. But they say it is still fattening.

So I have my own self-made dressing -
- natural yogurt
- lime/ lemo
- honey/ sugar

And it taste prefect.

If you want some spice in your salad, add this Japanese chili powder (which consist of 7 different ingrediants/herbs) which I think is perfect for salad.


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