Friday, August 01, 2008

Salad & salad sauce

Decided to keep fit/ keep slim from this week. Mainly because I feel that my body is starting to get weeker and more and more poison in my body which I could see my body have some alery symptom.

So I started to have salad for dinner every day.

Looks colorful, isn't it?
I mainly put vegetables(lettures,mini tomato, onion, green pepper, carrot, purple carbage...) + 1 fruit + some meat (sausage/ chickhen/tuna/ham) + an egg. It is actually very filling and I makes me as full as eating main meal with rice.

I love thousand island as the salad dressing. But they say it is still fattening.

So I have my own self-made dressing -
- natural yogurt
- lime/ lemo
- honey/ sugar

And it taste prefect.

If you want some spice in your salad, add this Japanese chili powder (which consist of 7 different ingrediants/herbs) which I think is perfect for salad.

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