Saturday, August 02, 2008

Popcorn pen

Popcorn pen is a pen with fun puffy paint. Just squeeze out paint and blow it with hair dryer to have the 3D popcorn effect.

I have tested yesterday, it really can "pop", but due to my hair dryer contrains. I need to iron behind my paper 1st before I using the hair dryer. Sometimes successfully pop out. Sometimes my hair dryer will automatically cut off becoz too high.

Too bad my oven is at my friend house. Maybe I should oven it next time.


mangosteenskin said...

never seen this popcorn pen before. i'm sure u going to have fun creating stuffs with it.

ivy said...

我也有popcorn pen(泡泡筆),

Caffeaulait or Caffelatte said...

ohhh! popcorn pen so cute look like cotton buds.Expensive tak?

Ciyou said...

i buy it online at a forum, RM5 per pen.

Anonymous said...

would you mind to let me know which forum u bought it?

Piglet said...

Hi there do u still sell?

Ciyou said...

I got it from jbtalks, a chinese Malaysian forum.

Piglet: I'm not selling the popcorn pen. I got it from a forum


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