Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hate LRT in Kuala Lumpur

Today the train (Kelana Jaya Line) is broken down again. 2nd time in a week.

The train stop at Ampang Park Station, parked there and stay unmove for 15 minutes. The train staff was running here and there, checking here and there.

Ended up, they force us to leave the station.

I need to walk from Ampang Park LRT station to KLCC to Rohas Perkasa at Jalan P. Ramlee where my office is currently at. About 30 minute walk in a bright morning with such a hot sun. Makes me more angry and unsatisfy.

Monday was even worst. Many people just stuck in front of the Wangsa Maju Train station, they don't allow us to go into the train waiting area as too many people is waiting and the number of train coming was none. Ended up need TS to drop me to the Monorail and take another train to my office.

Malaysia public transport is such so terrible. I have expirence so many times of public transport break down. And it is so incovinence to take alternative public transport as it is not linked together.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Playing with Clay food

Craft beautiful newsletter have introduce some food clay this week. I'm going to try out these few -

Sweet Style - beautiful millefiori beads jewellery

cupcakes and donuts video in polymer clay

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sister's Commencement / Convocation @ NUS

**Updated some pictures**

My sister have graduate from her 4 years studies in NUS last week. I was glad that I can visit her graduation ceremony (althought it was a boring one). Singapore still still near and I could afford to travel to there. Last year I didn't manage to attend my brothers graduation at Canada, the flight itself was RM4000.

My mum was suggesting we attend my another brothers graduation at UK next year. I nearly faint. The round return flight will be RM6000. And I bet the expenses will be super high.

I reach Singapore at Thursday night. Have a night at my sister place. Was just hot at her room and some issue causing that we have slept until 11am next morning.
Rushing here and there and finally made it to the UCT hall at NUS at 1.30pm.
Waited here and there until we manage to get in the hall. My sister was busy taking photo around.

The graduation ceremony was boring. The funniest part is that person that give the scroll to the graduate is wearing a red suit siting on a red chair infront of us. Looks like a Judge on the Hong Kong Movie. Whahahha.

My sister recieving the scroll

There was one student whom reach the stage and suddenly 2 rows of gratuate stand up and clap their hands. We was just wondering if she was a popular student. Later knowing that she was having a cancer but manage to finish her studies and gratuate. Worth to clap for her.

The ending speech from the graduate's was excellent in terms of english and the slang. I was right as my sister told us she was the debate team and she was the highest result on her fakulti.

Me and my sister

My sister and my parents

Family picture

This picture I found it abit like wedding picture rather then graduation photo. But I love this picture. They took it with Jon new DLSR camera. Using a DLSR camera, you can see quality difference.

Monday, July 28, 2008

photoshop effects

Love this 2 tutorial, I love picture with these effect.
  1. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Rainbows, Glows and Light Effects - by smashing magazine

  2. Dreamy, Magical and Lighting Effects Photoshop Tutorials - by photoshop roadmap

Learning them now, how to revamp my blog design.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brand new camera and ipod

Finally decided to get both of them.

Here is my camera - Canon power shot A570. Quite an old model, selling cheap for RM599(no free gifts). I brought the 2 rechargable batteri + charger for RM39. 2GB Memory card for RM39 and a mini tripod for RM10. Still cheaper then stores outside.

And my nano Ipod for RM300. Finally I can remove 2 items from my wish list.

Was extreemly delight for the IPOD. Even more happy then the camera.

买到ipod,让我超兴奋,比买到相机更兴奋。好比如小女孩有个新的barbie娃娃。它是我梦寐以求的mp3 player.昨晚研究了整天,发现它的音质好好,又比较好找歌。真的没后悔买它回家。

Grenda Shoes - Vanilla

I manage to grab this Grenda Shoes Vanilla at my window shopping at Sungai wang last week. Original price RM69.90 (more expensive then other shops), but after 50% discount, was RM35 only. Wanted to buy it long long time ago, either is no discount or no size, so I drag until that day haven't buy yet. (Thank god I didn't buy)

It is made with rubber, with lace trim and a rhinestone studded bow on the toe. A cute and comfortable shoe to wear for casual and working.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Me and PA is crazy of photography this few days. Even more after giving her to see those LOMO lense and Jelly Lense.

She is pouring me tons of photography website, those are just execellent.

  1. Jenny Sun Photography - I love the rich colors of her photographyLink

  2. Mango Red - 2 Philipino Brothers

  3. Louis Pang

Going later to lowyat to grab my camera. I think I will go for semi-pro camera first rather to buy a DSLR so soon.Now the main issue is where can I get those rechargable battery from? Which brand is better? I see from website and forum saying this few brands are quite ok - Sanyo, Sanyo Eneloop, Uniross. But there are reaching RM100++ for charger + 2 Battery. Quite costly.

Have to admit 1 thing, photography is just an expensive hobby. More expensive then Blythe.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camera & Ipod & MP3 players

Planned to get my digital camera end of this week from TS friend this saturday, so went to lowyat after work for price check. In my mind I think I want to get Canon IXUS 80 but I would want to know if I can get same quality camera for cheaper price from other brand.

Who knows there is this Digital Stock Clearance sales at Lowyat. Saw 4 GB Nano Ipod ~ Gosh ~ my dream mp3 player for RM300 ~ thats cheap. Remember my dad brought for RM700 last 1-2 years. But too bad it only have sliver color. Instate the promoter introduce me this Samsung K3 2GB MP3 player which is RM279. Cool in terms it have touch screen with blue lighting for the black set. It got FM player plus 3D surounding sound. Which the person say ipod don't have. Ipod and sony mp3 player need to convert files before putting at the player itself. Which I think its quite troblesome.

Now I don't know to get an IPOD or the samsung k3 MP3 player. I always love the round scroll menu in IPOD which I think it is super cool. K3 sounds seems more good. I want ipod scroll design but I want samsung 3D surounding sound. How how?? Which model should I get??

Then I told them I want a 8 mega pixel digital camera, this girl promoter was telling me no need to get so high mega pixel digital camera, she introduce me this Canon Powershot A570, 7 mega pixel for RM599 (without SD card, tripod, case & no free gift). It is a semipro/ prosumer camera which you can play with some effects because have manual setting. It is cool that you can focus 1 part and blur others something like DSLR camera. But the major bad thing it is using AA battery and its abit bulky. If I buy the RM599, I need to buy the rechargeable battery (I think will cost less then RM50-RM100), SD card (they told me 2GB is selling RM23, mini tripod is selling RM4). Shall I buy or not? Seems like a good deal.

So, I was just confusing on deciding what camera to buy now, the AA bateri one (Canon Powershot A570) or the litihum bateri one (Canon IXUS 80)

Argh~~~ So hard to decide.......

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sucessful Ginger Bread Men

2nd Attempt for the clay mold, the 1st attempt was uncessful.

I try to use the "jumping clay" instate the resin clay (too sticky). And it works. The donerland also have a clay called angle clay- which i guess its the same compare to my jumping clay.

I have the ginger bread men the most.

The mash mellow seems to have color problem, maybe I find get some postal color to paint on it 1st. :)

Men's shopping

Went shopping after work yesterday. Main purpose accompany TS to buy his shoes. Monday I saw Perdo at KLCC have 40% discount. He say wanted to have a look.

Perdo only have men shoes, price are RM200 and above (normal price). Before sales period, we have visited the shop. But maybe the price is too high and he didn't get any pair.

But yesterday, he got this pair of shoes for RM190++, less then RM200 (original price was RM300++). There is another color - blue when our last visit, but the promoter said all sold off (Wao~~ so good sales mer?)

Look so classy. More morden and "IN" to him. I think he seldom buy brown shoes. All he love was black working shoes last time.

See the detail pattern of the shoe. Love it. How I wish they have a ladies version for that design.

Because of this shoe, he can't wear those working black pants to match the shoe. Ended up buying a new LEVI's Jeans for the Brand new Shoe. The Jeans cost: RM289.I never thought a jean will be such expensive. My LEVI's Jeans is just Canadian $30++. But he say, LEVI jeans price is around that price. Ended up spending more. But at least he have RM150 Isetan Voucher for rebate. Thanks for the Credit cards redemption.

Just a normal Jean's, why costing that much? Don't understand.

Within 1 hour, he have spend nearly RM500. RM500 I could use for maybe 3 months of shopping.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swaps for Critters & Candy

Didn't have massive swap recently. Maybe because I need money for holidays and buying myself a camera. Or maybe I have too much materials and stuff I want at home.

I enjoyed this swap - Adopt a Critter Matchbox, where you buy or create a critter and design a matchbox for this swap. The critter I brought from a store and made some clay strawberry and cookie for it.

Here is what I receive, my partner adds tons of goodies for her late sending for me. The critter owl is a bead instate. I could use it somewhere else. She sent me tons of small scraps of ribbons and trims, beads and other small goodies.

I joined the FAA lucky parcel swap for the candy theme. No fabric or ribbons of candy theme found at Malaysia, so i decided to go for paper products and handmade some sewing pins.

Today's and yesterday finding. Seems like more to add on my wish list.
  1. Found this japanese food clay book on flickr. Just makes me want to grab one. Later try to ask Kinokuniya see if it is available. I just love crafting food, candies, sweets, and desserts.

  2. Genie III Keychain cameras, consider as a digital LOMO camera, see how rich and colorful the photo's are.
  3. Jelly lens, making digital camera to have LOMO effect. Can attach with digital camera or handphone camera.

Re-ment Toys

Don't know seens when I started to love re-ment toys(Miniture toys)

There are just cute and tiny. But it cost hundred for 1 set of 10 choice inside.

I kinda love this set very much. It's called the strawberry house re-ment set. Here is the actual picture how it looks like.

If u love strawberry, I think you will be crazy with this set.

Want to buy? Don't want to buy? .... Still considering the price and where can I store them?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Singing Contest not exciting anymore

Last night, manage to watch the singing contest - 超级星光大道第三季. One of this contest singer called Lala Shu (徐佳瑩), me & TS feel like she don't deserve so high score compare to other singers. She is popular in song creater, but her voice doesn't sound as good as Peggy Lin (林芯儀)and Ivy(黎礎寧). But seems the judges like very side to her and always give her high marks. Even in the PK contest, her opposition is a Soprano (洪子涵) with excellent voice, how come Lala can get equal marks then the soprano?

My favorite songs of Peggy Lin (林芯儀)

《Yes or No》

My favorite songs of Ivy(黎礎寧)
《Save me from myself》

I hate flu

Was having a flu seens last wednesday.
Became more serious on friday that I call off for MC.
Eat lots of vitamins, sleep and rest.
My mind was tried, dizzy and difficult.

But today I was at work. But still feeling abit flu if the air-con was too high. Now is the cough season , but I try not to cough so much. Drinking herbal teas to smoothen my cough.

Yesterday TS ate durian. Smells good, although I got flu, but couldn't eat any. Durian is very heaty and will cost more serious to my flu. Was so sad, durian season will be ending soon. Saturday TS relative having BBQ, the BBQ chickhen wing was so temping, and the BBQ prawns too. I didn't eat any of them and play with his relative's children and babies.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Clay mold & iron-on

This craft and art shop is just beside Daiso Vivo city.

Manage to get this 2 things:
Clay Mold by donerland, another korean brand of clay, it have a clay called angel clay which is quite similar to iclay or jumping clay that we get in Malaysia. Got this food theme clay mold. I love making food stuffs.

Had a try using resin clay, but seems like cannot form the shape as it is very sticky and stick on the mold, but using jumping clay (light weighted) is still ok. TS ask me to let it dry on the mold. I was just scare that if dry on the mold, later cannot get it out from the mold. Anyone have any idea on this??

Iron on stickers. $2 per pack of 4. No much choice. I think this is the most cuties one.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fabric & accesories finding @ China Town, Singapore

This trip for fabric & accesories finding I just have a notebook with me and I went all place myself (proud of not getting lost!). Haha. My mum was worry I get lost, but for half year experience living in Singapore won't make me too scared.

There is a fabric selling area at China Town. Just take the MRT to China Town station and follow the arrow to People Park Complex 珍珠坊 using the underground. Once reach the exit, don't enter the People Park Complex (I went in and it was just alot of tradisional messager 铁打). Your right hand side have a building. The 1st floor is a hawker center 珍珠坊美食中心 , and the fabric are at the 2nd floor.

I wanted to buy some linen and have alook on the KAwaii Japanese Fabric. I love Japanese Kawaii Fabric. There are several shops, I got ask some shops, linen price are from S$12 - S$15. (Gosh~~ thats expensive after conversion).

I want to wonder around and look for some choose first before I make my purchase. Until I come to this shop that sell those kawaii japanese fabric that I dream off. Infront of the shop, the Japanese fabric was selling S$14 per meter. At the back of the shop was selling $10 per meter. I have some of the fabric in front from some swaps. So I decided to go for some cheaper ones.

Here is was I brought:
1. Cotton fabric (look like linen, the seller told me cotton won't not scruble that much compare to linen - S$7/meter)
2. KAwaii Rabbit Japanese fabric + Kawaii Wooden Horse Japanese Fabric. (half meter each - S$10/meter)

For kawaii Japanese fabric, we are allow to buy half meter.

At Nagoya Malaysia, some Japanese fabric we can get from RM14 per meter. But not so much choice at Malaysia compare to the fabric in Singapore.

A closer view on the Japanese fabric, so beautiful.

I walk back to the exit of the MRT, walking underground tunnel back to the MRT station. The Peoples Park Centre 珍珠大厦 is in the other exit and I scare that I get lost outside. So following the directions will be the saftest idea.

First floor there are several jewelry accesories stores.

This store is called Swalk 88. Located 1st floor (#01-15), lots of beads, jewellry accesories. But many of them are available at Malaysia. I manage to get this ring 3 each pack for $1.00. I planed to get the bigger pack for the LHS one, but out of stock. Sigh~

Another shop at 1st Floor (#01-43): LG Beads Mart 来源 have tons and tons of jewellry accesories that I hardly find them at Malaysia.

Bambi, kitty and bear color charms, $3.80 per pack of 2.

Clay flower ($2 per pack of 4) - love the color combination

Plastic charms - Red ribbons ($1.80), Bear charms ($2 buy 1 free 1)

Vintage small frames (small - $1.80, medium -$1.20)

Paris Tower ($3.80 per piece), Small cups ($2 per pack)

Bambi sliver plate ($3.80 per pack of 2)

Pink and White wings ($3.50 per pack)

Accesories- Love keychain circle ($1 per pack), Normal keychain circle ($1 per pack), keychain hook ($3 per pack)

Total bill was: $42 ~ didn't notice that I buy that much amount.

I love all the small charms, but if I continue buying, I think I will reach $100

My friend told me buying at Bangkok will be cheap. Ok, bookmark it on my next trip to Bangkok then

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daiso Singapore

Daiso was highly recommended on a group of crafters at d-xite. First because its only S$2 per item. Second you can find alot craft suppliers, goodies from Japan.

I have a chance to visit Daiso at Vivo City and Plaza Singapora during my visit to Singapore. See more Daiso Stores and address here. Really alot of Japanese goodies inside. Such as japanese bowls, cups, chopstick (Will buy next time when I have a house), now not using them. Bento box and bento supplies, bento mold which is way to cheap compare to Isetan.

Sanrio stuff too. Alot of original Hello Kitty stuff for S$2 only. Thats cheap. Can't get in Malaysia.

Kawaii letter pads. I didn't buy because I still have alot of letter pads at home. Irresitable to snaps some photos back.

Less goodies on craft materials, maybe all sapu by other crafters. No ribbons that I like.

Saw big piece of felt at there too. Consider cheap for $S2. But not the color I wanted. So didn't buy.

Wanted to go to the largest Daiso at Jurung IMM but just lack of time. Never mind, next time I guess.

See what I brought back.
1. Natural Wooden box
2. Clover leaf plastic bags
3. Animal plastic spoons.
4. 2 x Kawaii Memo pads
5. Kawaii Animal Origami Papers
6. Hello Kitty Passport holder.

All for S$14.

I get things I can't get at Malaysia and KAwaii stuff for cheaper price.

Hope they will open a Daiso at KL soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Although I didn't get a Blythe this time, but I manage to get this new toy called unazukin. I saw her at flickr before. Just found it so cute.

I got it from Action City Singapore. I don't recall Action City Malaysia does sell this.

I seldom buy any soft toys nor toys as I don't have place to put them. But unazukin cherry blossoms is so cute and I just buy it for S$6.95.

Unazukin is a forest fairy who loves listening to the talk of other people.

The side of the box

This was the description from the user manual. It have 4 reaction - nod, nod twice, denial, denial twice. When ever you talk to her, she will either nod or denial randomly. TS enjoy taking to her too.

I love those fairy tale things, like the blythe I also like the Enchanted Petal version.

Beside that, bread selling at a toy shop. Those bread really feel and touch like bread. Even the smell like bread. But they are not REAL, they are just toys. People really can think of anything.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally found Blythe @ Singapore

This Singapore trip was just too rush.

But luckly I still manage to buy some things and I want and see Blythe dolls(碧麗絲) with my eyes. Not to say Malaysia don't have them, but just too rare. Mostly will be out of stock here in Malaysia.

I follow the website that I search from this website. I couldn't find any of them at Far East Plaza, but manage to find Dollz Inc at #02-07 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road. In front of the shop, I can see alot box of blythe.

The shop are mostly Blythe doll, but have some rare re-ment or megahouse miniture. Price abit higher compare to action city at Singapore. Plus there have bearbrick toys, kidrobot and other designer toys too.

These 4 are the most beautiful/ elegent blythe on the earth. They look so great. Below is the closeup.

I didn't got any for myself. First was too pricy. The seller introduce 4 models and it was either S$300 or S$240, it was a discount price for the toys fair recently at Singapore. But after conversion, it can reach RM700 for a toy like this. RM700 i can buy myself a digital camera already. Too bad the petite blythe was just too tiny. But price was about S$45.90(RM110++).

Not cheap to collect toys. Especially adult toys.

But not bad for a beautiful experience like this

After surfing online for a few hours, I wanted a doll with blond color hair, but this 魔法花瓣, enchanted Petal just attracted me.

List of all Blythe

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not to talk to strangers, especially foreign strangers

Was freek out last evening from my way back to home.

Was approch by a black man - negerian, he started to talk to me, I was shock on the begining, but see he is so friendly, I just chit chat with him.

He told me he come to Malaysia and study in UMI, just came here and have no friends, want to be my friend. Asking me are you married?

The more we talk, the more I feel not confortable. I even try to call my bf, making myself like not to talk to him.

He keep on following me.

I just feel that something was not right when he ask me contact number. I was so polite and told him that I would rather give him my email. Then he start saying email you really can't get contact with you, alot of reason.

At last I reach KLCC LRT station, I was patient enough to give him my email and he was asking where are you working? I told: KLCC. I say yes. HE say this building? (He know that I'm lying). I say Hei, I don't need to tell you this, bye. And I just walk off without turning back (He cannot come in because I'm using the monthly pass to go in the entrance of the train.) I just walk down to the train waiting area. Have some rest. Then walk up again to have a currency change. I was wanting to go there before I enter then LRT, but he was just annoying and keep on following.

When I reach home, TS told me that some similar incident happern before at Mid Valley. A black man also approch a girl and try to be nice to her. But the more she talk she feel like not comfortable and quickly run to coffee bean to have a sit. She fainted at Coffee Bean but was safe as she call her friend. Wao~~ I was just to stupid to be a polite person without knowing how dangerous this was.

So scary!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I want to buy DSLR cameras

Raining this morning which makes me late to work again. It is so good sleeping at bed rather then going to work.

Have a talk with my sister about camera's. Her boyfriend just brought a DSLR - Nikon D60 with kit lens for S$1330. Yo~~ Again makes me wants to get an DSLR too.

It is just a tough to choose between a normal dummy digital camera and a DSLR. My main concern was the bulkyness of the DSLR and the price. A normal digital camera is small, compact and easy. I started to love DSLR after a long term browse on flickr.

I just love these few authors:
1. Candlemomo
2. 夏米花園 chamilgarden

My plan was to get one compact digital this few weeks and save enough money to get a DSLR next year. Can't wait my hands to get one.

Was busy at work, my boss keep on pumping me work to do after I suggest him to gave me more task. Abit regret on that. Which makes me so tired. Never ever finish task.

New clay, clay set, clay mold, clay cookie cutter at Kinokuniya. Just so tempting to buy.

Want to buy this 4 color clay, but already out of stock :( . Want to try this brand, but don't know is the same as this brand I am using.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Preparation to visit Singapore

This coming thursday I will be going to Singapore ~ Hurray!
Was so excited from the begining when I know I will be going there, there seems like shopping heaven to me.

Was just so excited that I was planning where I want to go and what I wanted to buy. Even have a small note book to list them all down.

Only until last friday, I just know that it wasn't as good as I think.

1. Bus Fair
From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore - RM30 Transnasional bus
This is quite a reasonable price as price of bus ticket from KL to Penang is RM27.

From Singapore to KL really makes me a headache. If I ask my sister to buy from me at Singapore, it will be S$30(RM71). Transnational was only RM50. But from Larkin (JB) to KL was only RM24.
I was not willing to pay S$30(RM71) for just a journey back, and I heard that Transnational Bus are quite slow (pray hard they are not too slow).
My friend even sugguest me on those 5 class luxury coach that single trip back to KL will cost RM110. Wao~~ I rather safe those money to go shopping for craft materials or for food.

Larkin was the cheapest way, but for a lady like me to wondering around at the bus station wasn't a good idea.

Ended up I brought the bus ticket direct from Singapore back to KL for RM50.

2. Currency rate
I didn't know Singapore dollar flew so high up compare to Ringgit Malaysia. Today the buying rate was 2.4. Last time when I 1st go to Singapore, it was just 2.1. I thought I wanted to take S$400-S$500 this visit, but ended up need to reduce until S$200, S$200 after convert will be RM500. I salute those crafters that can buy so many things in Singapore as I don't think it will be that cheap. Yes maybe it is that unique but.... Maybe next time should go Bangkok instate to find cheaper crafting materials.... Wahhahaha... WHat a briliant idea.

3. International Roaming for Handphone
I know we can use our normal maxis mobile phone in Singapore. But first I need to called to Maxis center to activate my international roaming. Plus I need to get the code to enable me calling my sister (singapore line) and my dad (malaysia maxis line)
Sytax to call:
*120*country code telephone number # call
*120*65012xxxxxx# call - call in singapore to malaysia hanphone whom are at Singapore
*120*659xxxxxx# call - call in singapore to singapore handphone
*120*6012xxxxxxx# call - call in sinfpore to malaysia handphone whom are at Malaysia
But I forget to ask how much per minute for international roaming, should be expensive I guess.

4. Passport
Spending RM300 just to renew my passport. But sooner or later I need to do this also, for the next coming trip.

Traveling to Singapore is just not cheap to travel.. or shopping. Compare to the upcoming trip to Cambodia that I am going this coming September.

By the way, the main purpose of this trip is not really for shopping (I don't know got enough time for shopping or not), it's my sister convocation day at NUS. Now another issue, what should I wear on that day? ^*^

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tissue pouch

Was into clay too long and forgotten of my sewing machine. TS was starting to gumbling on me buying things and not use it.

I follow one issue of Cotton Time to do this Tissue paper pouch. I couldn't find any linen cloth on my storage, so I just simply mix and match with the existing cloth that I have.

Here is the end product. Quite satisfy. But not for selling as it is not perfect. The edges was not that even nor straight. Making the pouch abit not even. But still glad that I try up this pattern.

Front View and Side view of the tissue pouch

Inner of the tissue pouch. Look it is abit senget (not straight)

This is a the a heat protecter to take hot pots in the kitchen. I made it myself with some sewing patches on top. Its so much fun and self satisfaction on my self sewing things myself

TS was asking, why I keep on sewing square stuff only? Because I still cannot control the sewing machine that good. Even straight line, I still sew it not straight. I still can't control the speed, sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow.

Getting the end product is wonderful, but when cutting the fabrics was just a huge task. I seems can't measure properly even I have the cutting mat now. Or using a ruler.

I think need to find those sifu (TS mum) to teach how to sew and cut fabric properly.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Clay Food Sewing Pins

Made these pin last 2 weeks, but just manage to assemble and pack in up last few days. I made it for a swap that will be coming and I found that there are many possibilities in clay. You can do anything with clay.

From Left to Right for each set
- Chocolate
- Strawberry dip Chocolate
- Cupcakes
- Mashmelow

I love the chocolate with the pink cream on top and the strawberry dip chocolate ~~ yummy

The final packaging that makes it so cute and sweet ~~
I used the candy deco tape I brought from Kinokuniya to wrap them up. Just looks tasty after all.


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