Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Men's shopping

Went shopping after work yesterday. Main purpose accompany TS to buy his shoes. Monday I saw Perdo at KLCC have 40% discount. He say wanted to have a look.

Perdo only have men shoes, price are RM200 and above (normal price). Before sales period, we have visited the shop. But maybe the price is too high and he didn't get any pair.

But yesterday, he got this pair of shoes for RM190++, less then RM200 (original price was RM300++). There is another color - blue when our last visit, but the promoter said all sold off (Wao~~ so good sales mer?)

Look so classy. More morden and "IN" to him. I think he seldom buy brown shoes. All he love was black working shoes last time.

See the detail pattern of the shoe. Love it. How I wish they have a ladies version for that design.

Because of this shoe, he can't wear those working black pants to match the shoe. Ended up buying a new LEVI's Jeans for the Brand new Shoe. The Jeans cost: RM289.I never thought a jean will be such expensive. My LEVI's Jeans is just Canadian $30++. But he say, LEVI jeans price is around that price. Ended up spending more. But at least he have RM150 Isetan Voucher for rebate. Thanks for the Credit cards redemption.

Just a normal Jean's, why costing that much? Don't understand.

Within 1 hour, he have spend nearly RM500. RM500 I could use for maybe 3 months of shopping.

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