Monday, March 28, 2011

Dry & Wet Kitchen

Well... here is it. Here is my dry kitchen.

At the dry kitchen, I select black solid surface. It looks great, but it is easy to get scratch. On my wet kitchen, we choose 2 x 2 black tiles. I admit that the tiles are more resistible then solid surface. The cabinets are all in white color. And the foreground color of the kitchen is in apple white (slightly greenish over sun lights). Overall, I love my kitchen.

We built an extra sliding door to separate the dry and wet kitchen. I am glad I insist to install that door. Looks stylish and it really block part of the smell from reaching the living/dinning area. See here when it was first install the door.
That day I was unpacking some of my box and found these small souvenirs we brought from Taiwan last year. Haha... finally found a place for them to display.
Here is how's our wet kitchen looks. The cooking place seems to be a bit small. Its hard for 2 person cooking together.
It is still a total mess on the kitchen. I still yet to buy dish racks and some small organizer to store those things.

I have brought a mini dish strainer which I got from Diaso. Since we move to our new house, I tend to buy a lot house whole items from Diaso and 100 yen shop.
There is the maid room but we use as our store room. One side is for washing machine. Another side if for storage....


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