Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My small garden

Part of our new project and hobby~ gardening.

We brought packets of soil, plants, grass, stone, tools, decorations... Total damage was around RM500 for this small gardening area.
Aloe Vera Plant from TS mum.... Wonder when will it grow tall and we can start eating them.
Philippine grass (Left) that we plants ourself. The right hand side grass are from our neighbour. They hired professional to plant the grass. We actually have fun planting them ourselves. The Philippine grass is RM3 per piece of 2 x 1 feet. We just remove it from the plastic and arrange them tidy into the land.

Some flowers we brought from the plant nursery. I have request the seller to sell us those easy to maintain flowers and plants as to built up my confident in gardening.

I started to plant some chilies from seeds and see... see... it's growing... I am so delight to see them growing....

We brought these gardening items from:-
1. Paramount Giant Car Park.
2. A huge plant nursery at the end of the road of Proton Manufacturing Plant at Shah Alam.


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