Thursday, January 22, 2009

Purple and White Card Swap (sent)

The theme for the second card swap is purple and white. I try to use as much things that I brought recently. I love the color combinations and I think this is the most lovely card that I did so far.
The small girl stamps are handcarve stamps from Ivy.I have used paper pattern, purple colors paper, heart buttons, paper flowers are those I brought from Spotlight.(Aileen, here is how to use the paper flowers.) I tried the lacey stamp for the first time and emboss with clear embossing powder. "Thinking of You" stamps, flower brads and flower ribbons from my ribbons slash.

Hope my partner will love it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 @ Singapore

Was kinda busy for the past few days. Rushing and rushing for work to be finish before I go for my Chinese New Year Holidays.

Here are some of the decorations at China Town, Singapore in my last visit during the year end.

The decoration wasn't that grand compare to my last stay at Singapore. I am not sure if I'm too early on viewing the decorations.

Cow decorations among the road sides.

This is way too beautiful compare to Malaysia. We have only have red lanterns along the road sides.

4 different cow statue

Closer look on those cows
I love these, there are so cute~~

Red lanterns and red decorations on the roadside among the shop houses.

This year, due to the bad economy, seems like alot shopping malls at Malaysia have also cut down on decorations. There are not as beautiful and as grand at few years back.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Winner for Chinese New Year cards Giveaway

Here are the 2 lucky winners of the Chinese New Year cards Giveaway.
1. Joan
2. Camy

Please email me your address asap to I would like you all to receive them before CNY.

Thanks for everyone that participate in this giveaway.

Here are some more Chinese New Year Cards that I made. This year, both of my brothers are not coming back for Chinese New Year. I made them some and sent the rest to my friends.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blythe @ Malaysia

I ended up didn't buy my blythe when my friend is at Taiwan. Avbit regreting now after comparing the price at here.

I was shopping yesterday at Berjaya Time Square, KL. I did visit some of these toys shops to have a look on those blythe and the price. There are 3 shops that sell blythe.

1. Xl-shop - 3rd floor. I think is the cheapest among the other shops ranging from RM320++
2. Time Machine - 7th floor. Not much blythe dolls available. Price all is RM480
3. graffiti toys-4th floor. Got more selection on blythe dolls, including those CWC limited dolls. I saw among one model is RM1.5k... Gosh~~

Why are those dolls so expensive? Really 不舍得 to pay around RM500 for a doll.

Blythe, Decole and cute finding

This time I have more time to wander around. I found these few shops that I find them very interesting. Found more shops sell blythe dolls, toys and other cute and kawaii stuffs.

Das Erzgebirge-Haus at Level 3 Raffles City Shopping Mall
Remember my new Christmas toy-wooden soldier that I brought, I finally know it is call nutcrackers. I saw them at this shop, selling fine, cute, detail wooden toys. There are just so adorable and cute. There sell something similar to these German Christmas Pyramids too. So dam cute. They doesn't allow us to take photos, but I manage to search some pictures at here and here. Wish I have buy to buy them. But the price are quite high.

Decole - a shop at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
There is alot of decole zakka and kawaii stuffs from Japan at this shop. Actually you can find alot of stationary shop, department stores selling japanese kawaii goods at Singapore. At Malaysia I only find them at Kinokuniya. I saw these lovely cake stamps at there too...

[image from Teahoshi's flickr]

Blythe Shops
1. Level 7 Plaza Singapore
I don't remember what is the shop name, but you can see 2 shops. One selling those collectable toys, another shop sell toys which are display in small cubes.

2. Far East Plaza, Orchard.
Several shops selling Blythe on the most top of this building.

3 Dollz Inc at Orchard Road. See my last visit to the shop.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Monkey @ Stairs!

Everyday I need to switch 2 train to go to work. There is one place at Dang Wangi where we need to cross the over head bridge, else if we are caught, we will be fine RM500.

I hate to climb over head bridge. The escalator is forever not working. It is actually quite dangerous to cross the road as there is a blind point that you cannot see the cars that are coming by.

Last few days, when I wanted to climb up the bridge, the lady infront me stop and was looking at the stairs. I saw something on the stairs, just a glance, my first impression, should be a dog. And I was thinking, "just a dog only, why she looks shock". I went forward to have clearer look. Oh my god~! Monkey~! Why is there a monkey on the stairs?

Both of us look at each other speachless for a few seconds. We mumble to each other why there is monkey at there?And we decided just to cross the road.

Another lady on our back was having the same expression too. Walk until reach down the stairs. Have a few steps to see clearer and was shock, and just cross the road. I think the rest of the people also have the same expression too.

Actually there is an escalator beside the stairs, but who dare to climb the escalator oh~~ not scare the monkey jump to the escalator are?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chinese New Year cards Giveaway

Chinese New Year is around the conner. Really looking for it. Any CNY mood yet?

Did some card for the pass few days. Start carving again, some simple ones. My housemate purposely turn on some CNY songs while I am doing those cards. I'm now really on a CNY mood.

I am giving away this 2 handmade cards to 2 lucky readers. Just comment on this post to win. Due date is 17 Jan 2009 Sat, 12 midnight Malaysia Time. I will randomly select 2 lucky winners.

Good Luck.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kawaii bento

Happy 牛 Year to all of you. This is simply so cute~~ If my mum does this for me everyday, I will finish my lunch box.

Me and my collegue was discussing, in these morden life, how come they can find so much time to do these stuffs? Unless they are housewifes.

Want to look more on those kawaii bento foods?
1. Lucky Sundae's blog and more pictures on Lucky Sundae's flickr
2. hippoPAPA +mum
3. Tutorial on how to make a santa


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Accesories & Fabric Search @ China Town, Singapore

Last trip to Singapore was a rush one. This time I can take my own sweet time to wondering around at China Town. For more detail location, read my previous visit to China Town.

At Peoples Park Centre 珍珠大厦
Here are the things I brought at Lai Guan. I control myself and didn't buy too much this time. Actually the things there are quite expensive, but some are unique and irresistable.

Found a new shop this time, Mix and Match. This shop sell rather reasonable price. Actually some things are consider quite cheap. I found this small charms that are cute. Some got bling bling geams too.
Mushroom, dragon fly, shoe charm and hair pin accesories (I am finding it for ages.)

I couldn't find Golden Dragon on my last visit, found it this time. It is at a desserted area. Somewhere not easy to find. This shop sell lots of products from Clover. I manage to get this Bias Tape Maker at Art friend, but this shop also got sell. The Bias Tape Maker is SGD $9++, and a shop at KL wanted to sell me at a price of RM35++.

Here are some fabrics that I got from Golden Dragon, per roll is SGD$3.20. Except the black one I got it from Spot Light.

Peoples Park Food Court 珍珠坊美食中心, beside People Park Complex 珍珠坊
A shop at upstairs 珍珠坊美食中心, there are alot of stall selling fabrics, trims and ribbons. There are a variety of lace, trims and ribbons, but the price are.... Since I got alot of cotton lace from Daiso, so I only got these.
Japanese kawaii fabric.... these are my favorite. They are simply cute, cute, cute. But the price is also high, high, high. Pricing from SDG12-16 per meter. I wish I can buy all.

These are all I got from Singapore. Abit regret on not buying some stuff. Hope my sister can bring them back for me at this coming CNY...

Friday, January 09, 2009

Stationary that I brought at Singapore

Found these lovely lacely deco tape at Kinokuniya Singapore (Not sure there are available at Kino Malaysia). They are very detail and beautiful.

They look great on transparent box and plastic but it doesn't look that good on cards or paper, not sure why.
Got this lacely rose shape rubber stamp from A"n"BC Stationary at Raffles City. I tried on my card making at it looks great. No regret on buying it for SGD $15. The border stamps (SDG$5) and the arylic paint tube I got for Popular.

So much lacey such. Guess I just addicted somehow and influence more after reading Aileen blog.
Some blog and website that I enjoy today:
1. Fabric Labels Tutorial - Make your own fabric labels~~ cool
2.Paper-cut illustrations that I think there are amazing.
3. Upcycled Gift Wrap - wrap your gift using used paper/newspaper.
Continue cropping my images (for work)~~ 30 more to go....

Crocs Shoe

A gift from my sister. She got it from a crocs warehouse sales at Singapore. There is not much choice left. She brought 2 pairs, one is pink and one is brown. It was only SGD20 only but poor thing she need to queue for 1 and a half hour to pay this 2 shoe. But is was a good deal because you can't get this price in Malaysia. I don't understand why this shoe is so expensive here in Malaysia. TS ask his friend to buy a pair of Crocs men shoe in US outlet shop which cost only USD19.90. But here in Malaysia retailing price is RM169. Why so much difference?

Yet, this shoe is really comfortable to wear and walk.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Surprise~ Christmas Cards

After the Art for Grabs event, I notice that I have just like few days to finish up my christmas cards. I use those christmas badges that are remaining and attach on to the card. Added some pattern paper for a free gift from a craft magazine that I got it long time ago.

Click on the image to have a detail look on the cards. I actually love the black lace that I have trimed of a deco tape. It was really last minute work and last minute posting at the post office at 24th Dec. Where got people post Christmas card at Christmas Eve?... Aiya~~ belated lo ~ better then didn't post la~~

The green christmas card I got it some time ago from ee. She send me some small cute stickers too(will upload them later)

The blue card is from Wander. Just so surprise I got it after I come back from Singapore. Wasn't expecting get anything after christmas. Somemore surprise from Ivy, which sent me her handmade card for her handcarve stamps. She is just so talented. All her lines on her carving are very detail and beautiful. She included some more goodies inside the mail.

The is what I love the most, her stamp on the back of the envelop... super cute....

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Food @ Singapore, 2008

Thanks for my sister acompany at the weekends. We went to some good food recommend by her.
Sausage meal at Takashimaya, Singapore. I remember those days when we are at industrial training, we use to come here to eat Tako octopus balls which are not available at Malaysia that time.
Looks like plain sausage, but it taste good. On the left is my sister's Chicken sausage and on the right is my pork with herbs sausage. Taste way too good compare to 1901 restorans here. The spaghetti have thick sauce and taste good too.

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 is a Taiwan restoran famous for dumpling aka Xiaolongbao (小笼包). We had that at Paragon, Orchard Road. It was a long queue outside the restoran and we need to take numbers to queue for my seats.
We didn't wait long for our seats. Here are the small table me and my sister is sitting at.

Sifu is wrapping those Xiaolongbao.
Both of us are boring and we took each others photos in the restoran.
To my surprise that I thought XiaoLongBao is a those normal Bao we eat, but it is soft and watery inside. It need to be eat with ginger and vinegar.
So far, I think only the XiaoLongBao taste good. The main meal was not that good. The above is my main meal-but it is too saltly and too dry.
When we are wondering at Bugis, my sister suggest us to go and have mushroom soup for our dinner at the Soup Spoon. I was wondering, those campbell soups? Soup really can us full are?
Definately yes with this big portion. It taste super good. Creamy and can taste those small bits of mushroom pieces. The set meal comes with a soup, a drink and a main meal (sandwich, wrappo,or salad). My sister choose a Thai Salad.
I choose a chicken teriyaki wrappo. The wrappo is very delicious. Juicy and fresh.

I couldn't finish the soup. Too filling and abit too much at the end of the meal.

Some tibits that I brought from Singapore. The red pack was a caramel corn snacks I brought from Daiso. I remember seing them at KL before. Melty Kiss for Meiji- SGD3.30 per pack (quite small pack). I highly recommend this one if you like dark chocolate and rum and raisin. It taste so good. And it melts in your mouth. Anyone know where to find Melty Kiss at KL, let me know,ya.
The other one is my sister recommend dark chocolate. It was not that bitter after all.
Macarons! Found them at Tangs (Lower ground food area - near the entrance from the mrt). It was colorful and looking good. Too bad the seller doesn't allow me to take photo, so I just brought one and take a photo on it. I tried rasberry and it taste good. The biscuit is crispy on top.It is SGD $1.50 per small macaron.
We actually found Macarons on Raffles City but it is sell in 1 pack 6 piece for SGD $24. Too expensive to try.
MOSburger - we tired the rice burger with beef (my sister) and unagi(me). It taste abit weird but it is crowded with peoples. The portion was small.

The more I write this post, the more I feel hungry ~~

Monday, January 05, 2009

Daiso @ IMM, Plaza Singapura

My last trip was a rush trip, so this time I have a chance to visit Diaso at IMM, Singapore. I heard my friends say it is very big compare to other outlet. Whats so great at Daiso is everything is SGD $2 per item.

It was 40 minutes train to IMM at Jurong East. Here is a picture I took from the train station. It is quite a large building. But I need to walk around 15 minutes to reach the mall.

This is the bus stop beside the train station. From the train station, you can see the path to walk to IMM mall.

The Jurong East Station itself is already very big and spaceious because it is an interchange.

It is monday and I am still wondering why is there so many people wondering around there. Daiso at IMM is really huge, but abit messy.
-Green rabbit fabric, those water proof type.
-khaki green fabric (I don't know why it looks brown at here)
-4 different types of cotton lace.... (this are my favorite stuff)
- pokka dots blue felts
- animal felt decorations in blue and pink
- fabric pen marker
- fabric button maker
- light weighted clay in pink
- white birdy cage
- pieces of wooden blocks (to stick my handcarve errasers on top)
- shrinking paper
- golden stickers
- small wooden clips.
- heart shape brads
A closer look on the bird cage.... love it.
Most of the item I got from IMM.
Except the shrinking paper, golden stickers and fabric button maker I got them at Plaze Singapura. Some are out of stocks and some I couldn't find them..... Sigh~~
Here is my previous post on my last visit at Daiso at Vivo City.


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