Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally found Blythe @ Singapore

This Singapore trip was just too rush.

But luckly I still manage to buy some things and I want and see Blythe dolls(碧麗絲) with my eyes. Not to say Malaysia don't have them, but just too rare. Mostly will be out of stock here in Malaysia.

I follow the website that I search from this website. I couldn't find any of them at Far East Plaza, but manage to find Dollz Inc at #02-07 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road. In front of the shop, I can see alot box of blythe.

The shop are mostly Blythe doll, but have some rare re-ment or megahouse miniture. Price abit higher compare to action city at Singapore. Plus there have bearbrick toys, kidrobot and other designer toys too.

These 4 are the most beautiful/ elegent blythe on the earth. They look so great. Below is the closeup.

I didn't got any for myself. First was too pricy. The seller introduce 4 models and it was either S$300 or S$240, it was a discount price for the toys fair recently at Singapore. But after conversion, it can reach RM700 for a toy like this. RM700 i can buy myself a digital camera already. Too bad the petite blythe was just too tiny. But price was about S$45.90(RM110++).

Not cheap to collect toys. Especially adult toys.

But not bad for a beautiful experience like this

After surfing online for a few hours, I wanted a doll with blond color hair, but this 魔法花瓣, enchanted Petal just attracted me.

List of all Blythe

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mangosteenskin said...

i read about ur encouter with the nigerian stranger, glad that u're fine. my money have been cheated by an old man long time ago while i'm still a student, pretending that he's in great difficulties, and since then, i learnt my lesson.

i enjoy reading ur blog coz u like to post about cute things!! i had to admit blythe is very cute! and irresistable. hehe.

i got a tag for u

have a nice day!


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