Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Condo

Here is my condo, if u sit at a helicopter and see. It seems like 2 fans. I'm living on the left hand "FAN". And the blue blue one are the car parks.

Got this screen shot from Googles Satelite MAP. Amazing. Some big city, you can even zoom until the 2nd tiny view to see. Its very detail. But I can't find my house at Penang. There is not so much zoom at Penang. Maybe it isn't a big city as in KL Sigh**Googles seems to have alot of new stuff to introduce. The latest one is the Google Calender. Its wonderfull to.

I wasn't able to seach from my home. I manage to Find my office, which is near KLCC. But my bf manage to find the path for me. He is so great. I'm bad in finding roads, but he is good. He even found his working place in Kelana Jaya.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Download White X'mas Flash Cards from Webpages

Here is a website that can enable us to download FLASH file you saw in the website.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

水餃 Dumpling


在网上, 找了很多URL:
查詢食譜資料庫 - 水餃 Dumpling


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mix matching

Do you have an experience, that sometime the color you apply on either your eyes or check or lips doesn't match your hair, your skin tone.... etc.

Here are some tips I guess it helps:

Hold a blue or red shirt up to your complexion and decide which one looks best. If you choose blue, you're a "cool." If you choose red, you're a "warm." Some people look good in both.

If your eyes are blue, dark brown, green, or hazel-(green at the edges to brown around the pupil), your hair is auburn medium brown, light brown, or strawberry, and you're a "warm," try deep greens, browns, golds, oranges, bright reds, and purples when selecting makeup.

If your eyes are golden brown, green or blue, your hair is dark brown or black, and you're a "warm," try pinks, aquas, yellowy-oranges, light greens, yellows, and lilacs when selecting makeup.

If your eyes are dark blue, green, dark brown, or hazel, your hair is dark brown or black, and you're a "cool," try turquoises, reddish-pinks, whites, silvers, bright pinks, and burgundys when selecting makeup.

If your eyes are aqua, blue, grey, or light brown, your hair is light brown or medium brown, and you're a "cool," try yellows, sky blues, raspberrys, navys, watermelon reds, and pinks when selecting makeup.

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