Thursday, November 25, 2010

Moving- in Ceremony

I have abandoned my blog for more then a month. No updates for so long, as I finally got my internet connection in my new house after 2 weeks of nagging and chasing to our telecom company - TM. This is the 4rd week that I have stay in my new house.

Here is some brief pictures I took a month ago. The moving -in ceremony was on the 23th October 2010 (Sifu choose the date).

We have a simple move-in ceremony, but not as simple as we thought.

To cut the story short, first, we have to invite the Goddess - Guan Yin(观音菩萨) to our new house, then set up the charcoal fire(火炭炉) and cook a kettle of water. After the water is boiled, we need to carry the rice pot, a pair of broom and boiled water into the house.

Here is the total white Guan Yin that we choose and some modern praying accessories. The Guan Yin cost us RM518 and the cabinet is RM593 with tempered glass top.

We were working hard to make the water boil in a 11am morning. The weather was extremely hot.
TS crossing the boiling kettle with the rice pot.

Almost all the renovation is done. But the carpenter piss me off by delaying and kitchen work and my wardrobe. Due to this issue, we have to delay our actual day moving in until the second last day of the month. My solid surface wasn't ready until 30th October. He drag my work for more then 2 months. The kitchen cabinet are as what we expected.

Here is the look of the walk in wardrobe of my master bedroom. I feel disappointed the first look on the cabinets. It is just some plain and simple and it cost me almost RM5000 for this wardrobe and the sliding door to separate the walk in wardrobe and master room. It isn't what I imagine and dream of. I wanted those Ikea wardrobe feel, which all the drawer, wire basket and compartments but we didn't went for Ikea as the quality of wood.
The most disappointment was the basket tray. I wanted 3 basket tray but he install 2 for me. It doesn't look like a laundry basket tray when I put my clothes. It looks more like a basket tray for the kitchen. What do you think? I have argue with the carpenter and he claim that the basket for wardrobe and kitchen are the same! The handle of the drawer look so awkward. I totally don't like the design of the wardrobe at all. The clothes rail are way to high for my height to hang clothes. Every time I have the climb up a small stool to reach the rails. I can't understand why the carpenter didn't think of this issue.
He is such a irresponsible guy where until today, he still haven't finish what we requested we made. Well, never mind as we still owe him money. Let see how long he will drag and I will only pay the remaining amount after he finish everything.


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