Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 2009 Doll Gathering #1 ~ Simply dolls

Last Sunday was fun. It was my 3rd time I join a gathering because we love Blythe. We meet at 12 noon at ASENA CAFE, KLCC.

This post is mainly on the dolls I took picture on the gathering. I just realised that my camera was full of doll picture and have so less of people pictures... Will upload fellow people that join the gathering at another post.
This was a beautiful outfit from Jooli ~ the famous Blythe dress maker.

Lolita dress is cute ... I like the right hand side doll of the picture. She looks Innocent.

Jaymee dolls, i love her customise dolls....

Maggie doll~ hair like PAM.Customise from a Japanese seller. Japanese art work are so beautiful

Miki customise doll~~ this time I look her zakka brown dress.

Mia doll with Licca outfit~ kawaii

My doll with her outfit that I drag for months to complete it.

Charlene doll with checkers Lolita outfit.
She was on the similar outfit with me
Can you imagine me wearing Lolita like this?
I will let u imagine more.....

Miki doll ~ so innocent face and I fancy this type of dress.
There is around 32 Blythe and 20 person attend this gathering ~ which is such a big group. Here are more picture of the dolls~~

Finally a group picture on the dolls
[click to enlarge the picture]
I have update another post on the people, friend that I meet during the gathering

Friday, July 24, 2009

Exhausted Week~!

I am very tired this week.

I am so busy this week.

On work... rushing to complete a website by end of the month.

I am editing and uploading some products to sell on ArtFire and probably at Esty soon.

My night time was busy replying mails, check payments, pack items to be sent to customer. After all is done,it was at 11pm.

I have no time to do any sewing or any crafts this week.

Online web business is kinda tiring, especially selling bags~~
They are very competitive ~
They are big and I have a hard time to wrap them for postage(They can't fit on normal envelops).
They are heavy to carry to post office.
I need to carry those bags to my office 1 hour journey of walk and train.
I need to walk 10 minutes at 12 noon to the post office ~
I am so hot and sweat after I come back from the post office~
Sometimes I kinda want to give up. Or just concentrating on my crafts....
But I tell myself that doing business is always not easy.

I kinda fell asleep earlier this few days.
Sometimes the moment I reach home... I just felt asleep on my bed...

Got an upset stomach after a lunch meal on Monday, and it keeps bordering me thru the week.
I feel bloat after each meal, which make me no appetite to eat my regular meal.

I when to yoga class for relaxing but coming back with a sore and tired body

Argh~~ I just need a long rest on the weekend.....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yummy Colorful Fruit Tarts

Last weekend I decide to play with my clay... its been such along time I didn't really do something from it. I have a habit. I like to dirty my hands one time, so I made alot of fruit tarts this time. They are cute, small, colorful, yummy and as tiny as 1cm diameter on earings.

This ring is one of my favorite because it consist so many different types of fruits in it. yummy~~!

Gorgeous fruit tart for hair too!
I know I am crazy that I made so much of them at one shot.
Here are some of my favorite earrings....

My eyes are very painful after slicing and sticking these cute fruity slice on the fruit tart... now my eyes need some rest. I'm still listing them on my shop....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bird Nest from scrap fabrics

I always keep those scraps of fabric after cutting them for making bags and pouch. There are just too beautiful to thrown them in the bin. Well, here is a good way you can use them. I cut them into small thin stripes of fabric and assemble them to make this fabric bird nest. Added some pearls beads to represent eggs in the nest. Added a charm and glue them on top of a ribbon decorated hair pin. Buy here if your are interested.

Here is a detail shot of the bird nest~~!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rose Cabochon Ring

Brought this Teal Blue rose cabochon Ring recently from The Aura, I kinda love this type of flower and the antique bronze ring. It is now one of my favorite accesories now~ !

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Its been a long time I didn't crafts. Was busy on my new shop on market new products. Was abit free yesterday and manage to compete this 2 cards.

I use stamps from Hero Arts, and Penny Black and another brand I brought from 1-Utama and I must say Penny Black stamps are so great. They are so cute and detail on all their lines. Beautiful.

Some simple design I made this time, without butterfly this time, but still added the flowers... I love adding them on my cards.

Been to the yoga every once in a week. I feel more healthy as my shoulder are not as tired as before. I will move my target to going to yoga twice a week. For those who want a more heathly life style, try going to yoga classes. It helps.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tenji Japanese Buffet

I had this Japanese Buffet 2 weeks ago. That day TS wanted to have Japanese Buffet and he purposely drive to PJ Hilton from Wangsa Maju, but ended up there is no buffet at sunday. Not giving up, we then travel to Mont Kiara for Tenji Japanese Buffet. It was our first time to Mont Kiara. We check on the map from his Iphone on the location and we manage to find Solaris Mont Kiara. I release that how convience that we can access internet in his phone. I can't live a day without the internet. The price for the buffet is RM88++ for dinner. We arrive at 7.30pm and the dinner time ends at 9.30pm, but we still can continue eating until anytime we want.

It is a spacious restoran. It is fathers day and the inner restoran is full occupy, so we sat outside the restoran. The oyster is quite fresh. I didn't eat as much as TS. I can't eat more then 1 oyster per time. Makes me want to vomit.But I enjoy the salmon so much~~ thick and nice with wasabi+sauce. There are several sashimi on there but I enjoy raw salmon the most

Salad booth

Sushi section ~ I didn't eat much on their sushi~ sushi is very filling

JApanese steam boat

Some small plates of japanese appitezier

You can order those fried vegetable and fish. We order 3 fishes and they taste great.
The offers normal dishes such as crab, chickhen, lambs, beef, soup and rice too.
Free flow of red and white wine for Dinner buffet only. They even have cocktail tube too. After 9.30pm they didn't serve wine anymore.

Desserts ~~
I love them most!!
Chocolate fountain - it was my first time eat this. The chocolate is abit bitter. I love it with mashmellows. Too bad they do not have strawberries.

These are my 2 favorite dessert
Chocolate chip cookie and Häagen-Dazs Strawberry Ice-cream
There are several type of Häagen-Dazs Ice-cream

Here is the dessert section~~ so yummy.

Gosh~~ too full that night! Too bad they don't have unagi slices. Their unagi sushi doesn't look good. There have tempura and the soft shell tempura taste good.

Well overall the food was good, but not as much choice compare to Jagoya at StarHill.

Friday, July 03, 2009

New online shop selling bags~~

Click to visit Poupee Collection - Online shop selling bags

I just open a NEW online shop selling mainly bags - http://poupeecollection.blogspot.com/. I carefully select those which are in good quality with reasonable price. If you like bags that are handmade bags, craft materials, you can still visit my colors city handmade shop ~~ but I'm kinda slow in sewing bags or crafting..... :P

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Super Junior

This boy band seems to gain popularity nowadays, I known them because my teenage housemate likes Koreans singers and keep on playing their songs. I didn't know them to be this famous until I see them attending the Taiwan award show (金曲奖).

I kinda love the 1st song rhythm of this song ~~ although I don't understand a single word in that song.


Another group band from Korea, but it's a girl group but still large amount of group members. I remember heard this song at Bangkok which I thought it was a Thai Song.



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