Monday, April 05, 2010

3.2 Kenting National Park 垦丁国家公园 Part 1

After settle down on our homestay we start to explore Kenting National Park 垦丁国家公园. Almost all the forest and beach are under protection and maintance of the Kenting National Park. Here on the map, we spend 1 day at the West Coast of Kenting (Purple Line) and another morning at the East Coast of Kenting (Blue Line)Kenting transport is not good, local bus are less. The only way you can travel around is by car or by bike. We decide to rent a bike to go round each station. In order to drive overseas, TS had apply International Driving Liciense for RM150 back at Malaysia. Go to your nearest JPJ with 2 copies of photo and you will get your international liciense within seconds.TS claim that they served the best bubble tea in Taiwan. There are alot of outlet thought out Taiwan. I love their Yakult + Lemon bubble tea.

We follow the route that the homestay guide us:
(I have highlighted in bold which I will write more in this post)
Kenting Main Road(垦丁大街) -> South Bay(南灣) -> Houbihu (后壁湖) -> Maubitou(貓鼻頭) -> White Sand Beach (白沙灣海滩)-> GuanShan(關山) -> Hengchuen(恒春) -> ChuHuo(出火特别景观区) -> Back to Homestay

Here is the South Bay(南灣) - a place for water sports and swimming.

Next, Houbihu Harbor(后壁湖) -which consist of a nuclear station(核三場南區展示館), fishing port, seafood stalls.

We took the sub-marine(觀光半潛艇) trip for 40 minutes to see the corals. Cost: $380 per person. I must say, Sabah, Malaysia have more beautiful corals then Taiwan

Yummy seafood snacks beside the fishing port. Those cuttle fish taste so good, even thou it looks pale and dule on the snacks but it taste excellent. Should buy more back. Each pack around $100

The food stalls beside the fishing port. I never saw fried flying fish before!

Several hawker stalls selling fresh seafood. The plate below is sliced raw fish that only cost $100 for more then 20 piece. So Cheap~!

Next we reach Mobitou Park(貓鼻頭). We climb up the hill and see beautiful blue seas, cliffs. What I love Taiwan sea the most is they have beautiful blue sea where we can't find it Penang (green blue sea).

You will never get lost at Kenting, the roads and simple and the signs are good enuough to get to our destination.

White Sand beach (白沙灣海滩)- It was one of the movie scene of Cape No 7 《海角七號》. There are families swimming and playing water at this beach.

GuanShan(關山) - a mountain for sunset viewing. Again more climbing up the hill~ I think I loss weight after all these exercise

Yet all this trouble of hiking hill are just worth to see such a lovely natural landscape.
A meteor(飛來石) that landed nearby the GuanShan temple and it looks like a turtle.

Sunset at GuanShan ~ nice view

Next we headed to Heng Chun for more exciting visit on Cape No 7 《海角七號》movie scene.


Agnes Sim said...

i think nothing special..rite?

Ciyou said...

i feel it nice because I love seing the sea

Anonymous said...

how much to rent a bike?n is tat safe 2 park the rented bike there?


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