Friday, April 02, 2010

3.1 Kenting HomeStay 垦丁民宿 - Minimi 米尼米

Reach Kenting at 12 noon, check in to our homestay at Minimi Inn米尼米 - a small cosy homestay located at a small path from Kenting Main Road.

I love how the owner design her place, stuff with cute, adorable small deco items around the house.
Bright pink color background at the back of the receiptionist. I love the Red London Letter Box which they store travel information. It give me inspiration and ideas on how to deco my new house in future.

Another main reason I booked this place is she have this cute poodle - too bad he is afaird of people, I didn't have time to play with him.
The room we book was quite a small room, but it only cost us $880 at friday night, which is consider cheap among the homestay and hotel we live. Her room is decorated with beautiful wallpapers, small item of deco items around the room. I wish I can do something like this on my new house as I have tons of cuties and deco items to be put around.


uLi.佑莉 said...

Oh, quite nice wor. As long as clean is ok le...:)

Agnes Sim said...

880 for 2 person is ok lo..

Ciyou said...

880 is non peak weekdays price, weekend peak price can reach 2000++


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