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3.3 Heng Chun 恒春 & Cape No 7 海角七号 Movie Scene

Continue on the last post, we headed to Hengchuen(恒春) -> ChuHuo(出火特别景观区)

This is route for the day, highlighted on bold is the place that I am going to write more at this post:
Kenting Main Road(垦丁大街) -> South Bay(南灣) -> Houbihu (后壁湖) -> Maubitou(貓鼻頭) -> White Sand Beach (白沙灣海滩)-> GuanShan(關山) -> Hengchuen(恒春) -> ChuHuo(出火特别景观区) -> Back to Homestay

The day was getting dark and we headed to Heng Chun(恒春). Heng Chun is also the only urban township in the southern part of Pingtung County.

On the way to Heng Chun, we passed by beautiful views of green paddy fields.

We reach Heng Chun and saw this sign board. It was one of the movie scene -〈海角七号中山老街〉.

Most of the people at Heng Chun know this place - Aga House 〈阿嘉之屋〉. I think Cape No. 7 is a sucessful movie, as the number of visitor visiting Kenting increase after that movie. And these movie scence are now one of a travel destination for visitors. If you are lost like us, just hop down from your bike and ask anyone, they are so kind to help on directions.
This is the bike that we use on our trip. Entrance fee is NT$50 per person - abit expensive.
There is so much photos of the movie scence inside the house.
The 2 window glasses that had been broken by Tomoko and now there have repaired them with their signature on it.
The letters......

There is a girl inside the house where she will help us take photos on the house. It is somehow like a standard shot of position on the house. She help us take more then 30 shots in this small room and I have selected 2 to show here.

TS wearing Aga Postman Uniform ...
Me wearing Tomoko's hat and bags.
Just a few steps out of Aga House, there is the post office which Aga works at.

On our way to find our dinner, we passed by this XiMen(西门), one of the movie scence too.
This is the famous Duck Meat Noodle〈鸭肉东粉〉that our homestay owner told us.
Taste good ~~
Some food that the local's introduce to me -duck meat, rice cubes, intestine(don't know duck or chickhen) and some seaweed. Surprisingly the intestine taste good.
Next we reach ChuHuo Special Scenic Area 〈出火特别景观区〉. Chuhuo earns its name from the natural gas that leaks from numerous fissures in the mudstone ground here. When it is light up, the fire never stops.
It's a bad idea to go at night, as there is no road lights on the stairs toward the ChuHuo area. We manage to use our cellphone lights to walk until this area.
TS trying to cook the egg we brought infront of the ChuHuo.

Someone else trying to cook popcorn too... It really pop's

Our egg~! Taste like telur bakar (barbeque egg)

On our way home, we pass by 7-11 to buy some to toiletries. I spotted these..... Omg, aren't there so cute? How I wish 7-11 in Malaysia have these.

7-11 mascot dolls and T-shirt. Each travel place have it's own unique design and pattern. I will post more in the future post. The T-shirt is $350 and the doll is $390 each.

This is the Kenting Main Road Night Market. It is just outside of our homestay. It close at 11pm ~ consider early at compare to Taipei's Night Market which usually close at 1am.

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Kenting Main Road(垦丁大街) -> South Bay(南灣) -> Houbihu (后壁湖) -> Maubitou(貓鼻頭) -> White Sand Beach (白沙灣海滩)-> GuanShan(關山) -> Hengchuen(恒春) -> ChuHuo(出火特别景观区)

Does it only take one day?


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