Friday, April 16, 2010

3.4 Kenting National Park 垦丁国家公园 Part 2

The next morning, we started our journey with the Blue line mark on the map.

Our journey path:
Kenting Main Road (垦丁大街) -> Sail Rock (船帆石) -> Banana Bay (香蕉灣) -> Shadao beach(砂島) -> Eluanbi Park(鵝鑾鼻公園) -> Most South Part (最南點)-> Lungpan Park (龍磐公園) -> FengChueiSha(風吹沙) - > Gangkou Suspension Bridge(港口吊橋) -> Back to Homestay

First we reach Sail Rock (船帆石), a huge rock standing alone in the ocean.

Beach at the Sail Rock ~ so blue and beautiful

Harbour Banana Bay (香蕉灣) - isn't it the sea is too clean for a harbour? There is a place for swiming on Banana Bay but we didn't saw it!

After the Banana Bay, we drove to the Eluanbi Park(鵝鑾鼻公園).

Entrance Fee is $20(n.p $40), discount using the travel youth card.

Within the park, there are a number of recreational facilities and a wide range of interesting geological, botanical and ornithological features.

Becareful for snake and incests on the park ~

This park is famous for this most notable landmarks - the Eluanbi Lighthouse. The Eluanbi Lighthouse is also known as the "Light of East Asia"

The rest of the parks are those cave's form by natural stones, cliffs and trees...

Just beside the Eluanbi Park, we drove to the Most South Part (最南點) of Taiwan. It's another just a place to see more on the sea.

We drove again up the hill, later we passed by Lungpan Park (龍磐公園).The Park features spectacular sheer slumping cliffs, coastal terraces and of course again, beautiful views of the sea.

After the Lungpan Park, we arrive at FengChueiSha(風吹沙). Something special of the FengChueiSha is the strong northeasterly winds blow the sand up to the top of the cliffs. See the sand behind me ~! There are from the sea.

Later we arrive at Gangkou Suspension Bridge(港口吊橋), was just wondering why there is a suspension bridge at here.

We missed the Shadao beach(砂島) and we found it on our way back to our homestay.

Over the years, seashells, rhizaria and coral have create the fine white sand for which Shadao’s beach is famous.

But now it is prohibited to enter the sand area as too much sand has been taken away by visitors

We went back to our homestay and return the bike to the shop. We headed to have our lunch at Kenting Main Road. Here are the seafood we have for lunch which cost us NT$600++ ~ not cheap having seafood at Kenting

Coming next: National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


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