Thursday, April 29, 2010

4.2 British old Embassy 英国领事馆,Dream Mall夢時代購物中心, Love River爱河

The British old Embassy 英国领事馆 is 15 minutes walk from the Cijin Ferry Station. I think they should have shuttle bus to there, but we are too lazy to wait and just walk towards the British Old Embassy.

Some old building and streets we saw along the road.

Finally we reached the British old Embassy 英国领事馆, a historical building made from red bricks. There is also an english high tea restoran behind of the building.

We are more attracted with the beautiful sea view from the embassy. There you can see the 85 building where we stay.
Next we headed to the Dream Mall (夢時代購物中心) - the largest shopping mall in Taiwan and 2nd largest in Asia. We took the MRT and stop at Kaisyuan station (凯旋站). There is free shutter bus every 5-10 minutes to the Dream Mall and see how kawaii is the shuttle bus ~

Why do I come to this shopping mall? To me is to see the Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel(摩天輪)on the roof. See how huge is the Ferris Wheel.
Everywhere on the Ferris Wheels are decorated with Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends characters.

Even Sanrio characters on the ticketing booth and each couch. So cute~~!

The day is getting dark and we headed to the Love River (爱河). We took the MRT and stop at Yanchengpu(盐埕埔站). We took the free shuttle bus and reach GuangRou Habour (光荣码头). Such a beautiful river decorated with lights. It was such a coincidence that they are having a lattern festival there. And that day was their closing ceremony. And MayDay(五月天)is preforming there too. Woh~!
The fireworks starts 7pm and another final one at 9pm. It is a combination of fountain music and fireworks. It's very fun to look at firework from near as they are so much beautiful then you see it from far.

After the fireworks, we when to the lattern festival. Different types of design, motifs, pattern on the lattern festival and I think this 2 was the best.

Along the road side, this old man handmade candies are so cute. He actually draw the candy straight ahead from the heating plate. Amazing.

There are alot more places to visit at Kaohsiung. See here to get more information.

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