Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4.0 Kaohsiung HomeStay 高雄 & RuiFeng Night Market 瑞豐夜市

We booked the driver to pick us up at 6.30pm and we reach aohsiung City at 8pm. The driver drop us at out Homestay <高雄85天空> which is located at 85 Building(85大楼). Our room is located at 30th floor. From our room, we can see the sea view. It is clean and spacious, much more better then the homestay in Taipei. Our room cost us NT$1680(saturday night) and NT$1180 (sunday night). I paid NT$1500 by credit card as deposit for my stay. It is just 10 minutes walk from the Sanduo Shopping District MRT station(三多商圈).

Next we headed to RuiFeng Night Market (瑞豐夜市), the largest night market at Kaosiung. We took the Kaohsiung Arena MRT (巨蛋站)to the night market. Taiwan night markets are far more different from Malaysian night market.

We started with the food section. I grab this Keli Biscult (可立饼). They will put the ingrediants n top of the base and wrap it over. I must say, the one I ate taste good. Its a mixture of salty ingrediants such as ham, egg, vegetables, corn ... etc.
I have also tried the fried bird egg(炸鸟蛋). Its just like Tako balls.
The grill squid 酥炸大鱿鱼(top left) are quite famous in Taiwan. Even a small store like this requires us to queue according to number we take. TS tried the hotplate chicken noodle 铁板烧鸡排(top right) ~ nothing special. One thing I like the most in Taiwan is the their fruits. Their fruits are very sweet and crispy. I brought 2 pack of guava from the bottom left photo, the stall called 阿容芭乐.Their licorice root taste(甘草口味)is the best. I enjoy those big red jambul air (水蓊) at there too. Taiwan Grill Sausages 香肠(bottom right) are the best among all. Malaysian so call "Taiwan sausage" has nothing to fight.

Taiwan night markets have alot of this kind of entertainments games. We can't find these at pasar malam at Malaysia anymore. I think I still can see this at Genting highland indoor theme park.
Baseball theme game. To me, their night market is like everything in a roof top. I even saw a stall serving message service. We tried the head neck message 15 minutes for NT$100.


Anonymous said...

Which station do you alight at for the Rueifong Night Market?

Ciyou said...

Lynntpl: get down at Kaohsiung Arena MRT (巨蛋站)

Achi said...

HaHa!My hometown is very close to the Sanduo Shopping District MRT station. The scenery is very familiar.


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