Friday, April 27, 2007

Handphone wish

Decided to buy W810 white, because black no stock. Scared easy get dirty.
Why don't want to wait for W610. cause very lazy to wait the new model to drop price(I think need more then 1/2 year for the price to drop), plus i very don't like the key pad. Very uncomfortable. Plus I see peoples review that the camera is not as good as w810. Although the sound of w610 is better. But its a walkman phone, walkman not for speaker base sound.

Which one should I choose??

W610 latest model of SE Walkman series handphone which is very similar to the one that I'm going to buy - W810i
At 1st I didn't notice that there is a need to buy it, as the specification is very similar to W810. And I don't really like the new keypad button. Until yesterday I saw the REAL things at KLCC when I was walking my way to the Train Station.

What I see the difference is:

plastic like phone- lighter, but abit like toy ler
Slower processing time
Walkman 1.0

metal like phone - heavy as if u are taking a metal out
Faster processing time, I guess newer technology - take photo faster time - this is what the sales assistant told me.
Thin, very thin
Walkman 2.0 with A2DP
Internet features - RSS.... etc

Price as per today for W810 AP - RM840 , W610 AP -RM1069 - which i saw in the internet.
Thinking of give it some time until it drop until like around RM900 baru buy.

But sometimes I just think of just buy the W810 as I want a camera phone asap. Its more convinence in some way. My makeup collection can start soon.

more review for the diffrence of W810 vs W610.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Wikimapia - found that on the internet.
Great tool, for searching places in Malaysia, as it quote every building for us. Where is wisma uoa, where is menara citibank.... etc

Good site


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tonari no Totoro - Kaze no Toorimichi

Cool flash layout of the music which you can embeded into your blog. Very nice layout as you could change the color of the player. Wish I know how to write the script for this. But mean while, I could still explore how they creat this.

Try at wretch, not supportable.Try at blogger, it works!

All Because Of You - Ne-Yo

I so crazy with this song. I can listen to it alot times. I love the tune, the sound and the video. I know Ne-yo in the Radio as his song - "So Sick" was often played at the FM radio (number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart). Later I just know that he is a Grammy Award-nominated American R&B and R&B singer-songwriter. Starting to find his songs and love his songs. Another song that I love is "Sexy love".

Ne-Yo is as famous for his songwriting as with his singing, writing such songs as
Paula DeAnda's "Walk Away (Remember Me)"
Beyoncé's 10 week number one hit on Billboard Hot 100 chart, "Irreplaceable".
I didn't know that he wrote these two songs too. This 2 are my favorite songs too..

Ne-Yo has announced that his sophomore album, Because of You, will be released May 1, 2007.[1]. The first single from the album, Because of You, is out now.

The feel of "Because of you" its the same as per "Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone Ad - I love music" Advertisment. Which I always see on the Cinema.

Anyone know where can I find this music file?

Monday, April 16, 2007


Outside my company is KLCC Convention Centre. That is a great place where u can see alot of exhibition there.

Interested in this few coming exhibition:

Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Exhibition and Conference - 20-22 Apr 2007 - KLCC
HomeDec 2007 - 26-29 Apr 2007 - KLCC
Book Fest Malaysia - 26 May - 3 June 2007 - KLCC
International Beauty Expo - 21-24 June 2007 - KLCC
CosmoBeauté Asia 2007 - 16-19 July 2007 - PTWC

More Exhibition at KLCC convention center. I think got others Exhibition too. LEt me check it out. PTWC Exhibition Events. Mid Valley cannot find. Sigh~

Feel that I'm super interested in cosmetic, beauty skin care section. Its time to come out us it out as a professional liao. Need to use it to earn $$. Must decide.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Video Streaming

My boss suddenly wanted me to put video online for users to online to view. After some discussion, they needed a Youtube like video streaming. Oh my god, how would I know how to do o.....

Search.............. search............ search..........

Somemore I need to finish by end of the day~~ sigh~~ Suddenly so stress........:(

Found Googles Video and Youtube. Boss don't really like youtube, because its like very advertising look. Not that professional when you embeded it on your website. Youtube have a limitation of 10 minutes video and should not above 100Mb. I perfered Google video, as the video layout to be put on the website would be more professional look. Plus unlimited time and file size. Thats cool. Plus we can customize the video layout --> Customize the Embedded Google Video Player.

But after try to upload, huh!!! I got more fustrated. Why?

When I try to upload my video to Youtube, it seems like upload until 24%, then it stops forever....... Why? Because my file size too big?? Help.....

When I wanna upload vidoe to Google video, I need to install some software in order to upload it up, Because its like youtube also, Hang half way when upload it online. After upload, it need google to review 1st before I can use it. What la, somemore have to wait. So sad.

No choice. Search n search again.

Finally search this site

They provide those code to run the streaming. Finally its done. Its almost 6.30pm. Finally I done it. Thank got I sucessfully do it. Cause next 2 days I was on MC..


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