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Jatujak/Chatuchak Weekend Market

Jatujak Weekend Market or Chatuchak is the must go shopping place at Bangkok if you are at there during weekends. Its only open at weekends. Our first day at Bangkok was Sunday. I insist in going to this market. I told TS that most people spend a whole day at here but his friend say 2-3 hours of shopping time is enough. I told them impossible but they didn't believe me.

We took the BTS train to Mo Chit Station. Here is the ticket machine, just change coins with the counter to buy the tickets.
Here is train comes ~~ the train is more advance compare to KL, abit similar to Singapore MRT.

Huge roundabout on our way to jatujak, with colorful taxis and busses ~ bright pink, aqua blue, green~~

6 of us at the train. Missing TS who is the camera men.

Reach Mo Chit station. Look at the crowds~~ Look at the busses and taxi~~ Omg ~~ so much people. It is around 2.30pm and the sun is very hot. There is a view from the train station that we can see how huge is the weekend market. I forgotten to take picture on that. But you can see them at here.
We are too hungry that we grab some waffles when we come out from the train. TS eating the rum and raisin waffle.

We walk down the train station and saw a park. No one have any idea on how to enter the weekend market and we followed people walking into to the park. The park are some of people picnic on this hot sun. Crazy~!

We walk and we walk, and spotted some food to eat. It is hard when it comes to ordering food as we don't understand thai. So we need to point the menu and show 1 or 2 with our fingers. Here is comes- Tomyam noodles~! Was surprise why it is in white color. And at the table have several sauces. The seller seems understand what we are asking and pull out 4 difference sauce for TS to mix with. Here you can control how spicy or how sweet your soup/noodle will be.

Pork noodle~~ nothing special, just that the portion of food at Bangkok is small. Similar to Penang, but the price is KL price. That means expensive.

After our meal. It was 3pm already. Omg~~ Time is running out as i know the stalls start to close around 6pm. It is best to get a map, incase you get lost. We got ours on half of our shopping journey.

The first thing that got our attention was this knitting colorful bags. Yes, colorful things will attrack me alot.

We ended up buying 3 bags. I choose the most smallest and cutest one. The rest was brought by TS. I feel very "aunty" if carry bigger bags on these design.

We brought another luggage at jatujak. 4 wheel army skin luggage only cost 1500Baht. If buy in Malaysia, after discount it is still RM300++.
I know I don't have enough time to walk the whole market, so I only choose what I like to see the most to look around. I was lucky that the first station I walk into the art and craft section.

The second thing I spotted was these beautiful lights~~ I love love them alot~~ I wish I can buy all and decoration my house, but I do not own one now. So I just brought 1 pack which contains balls and latterns of lights. Beautiful~~

Some beautiful decorations on the market~ TS spotted this for me~~ he really knows me.
This i spotted myself~~ Bird cage! Not sure why people like handcrafts love bird cage. But it's a popular item to decorate your garden or your home. There is alot of them selling there but it is too big to carry back to KL. Does this look great??

Artificial flowers and grass. I love it in balls and they look colorful.

Tote bags~ I think hand draw too~~ I enjoy walking and looking at this area~ so much ideas that I can get here~

It was a rush trip shopping here. I do see alot of miniature food like cakes, dishes, sushi, tables, chairs, even stalls, booths... I even saw some shop selling beads, shells accesories, paper flowers (very cheap~ can use for card making),gift boxes, buttons.... Too many. My suggestion to just buy when you see them, else sometimes you won't able to find the stall back.

TS spotted another hand draw t-shirt shop ~~ I love them so much~ Almost every piece have different dolls and design~

This is what I brought for 280Baht~~ she is way too cute~~ .
Another designer's design T-shirt. TS wanted the Mummy T-shirt but it was out of stock, so he choose a Thai Boxing T-shirt and I choose the Thai language T-shirt.

I don't really like this type of handmade t-shirts but it is crowded with people in front of the shop~

Some beautiful picture under art section~~

Drawing on Blythe~~

Found some blythe outfit and dolls selling at the ladies fashion area. I saw some blythe doll outfit but I didn't brought any~~ regreting now~! Blythe dolls are very expensive at Thailand.

Mango with sticky rice 50Baht~ We saw from the hotel this is a must try item. But I think nothing so special of it. Just the mango taste good and sweet.

Alien vs Predator made from recycle metals and hardware. Was impressed!

There even have a section selling pets. So many cute dogs that I like. Pricing starting from 5000Baht which cost more then thousand RM in Malaysia. Wish I can bring them home, but they can't ship to Malaysia :(

Wholesale of dog food and materials~~ first time I see so much different dog food....

Dog are as lucky as human now, they even have kimono dress for dogs. Accessories for dogs too (Bling bling neck tie for dogs).... Bangkok is really more advance then Malaysia.

This is my first time I saw dress for rabbit~~ omg!!!

A branch of youngster wearing in black, hands taking human organ (of cause fake ones) and starting to shout out their slogan (in thai) which we do not understand. At first we though they are protesting.

Incest snacks again~~ I dare not eat!~~
Some tiny buttons and fancy buttons I got from jatujak. Very reasonable price. The ribbons I got from pratunam market for 50Baht only. We left jatujak around 6pm. I want to come here again. Shopping at Bangkok is definately cheaper then Singapore.


Creative B Bee said...

Wow!! I went there 2 years b4. Your photos bring bk my memories....I can't shop enough when i was there bcos very heavy rain....

Agnes Sim said...

yoyo...i want the buttons!! nice le...

aileen :: motu said...

wah wah wah!!!! it's been awhile since i last went to the market... the shop selling bird cages look nice!!! and the noodles look yummy..hope you had fun!

Joyce said...

oh chatuchak..i miss that place sooo much!!!!

did u happen to spot the lady with basket? she sells the best mango salad!!


♥ Karen ♥ said...

Love to read your vacation blog posts! You bring me there indirectly!
Yea...why you didn't buy any clothes for your Blythe. I bet there must have a lot Blythe fashionable clothes and accessories ^^

Evelyn said...

yeah..love the colorful buttons!! very adorable and cute!

ise said...

The army skin luggage cost only 150Baht? I want i want...

Ciyou said...

agnes sim, everlyn: Thanks, I love those buttons too, maybe consider selling some off as I have so many.

Joyce: I didnt see the lady selling mango salad, but I manage to try them else where. Very nice~!

Karen: It was a rush trip, too bad didn't get any dress for my doll.

ise: sorry for the typo error, it should be 1500Baht, around RM150++.

Anonymous said...


Wallpaper said...

Wow...makes me wanna take a trip too. For now I'll keep the pics as Wallpaper for a reminder.


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