Monday, April 20, 2009

Pouch, pencil case, donuts~~ I'm productive!

I am productive last weekend. Manage to finish all my custom orders and made some new stuff. All because TS when to Kota Kinabalu for hiking the hill and I have all my time for myself.

My latest collection of the pencil case range is these Matryoshka (Russion Dolls) and Japanese Dolls.
The russian dolls are just so cute. With cats and mushrooms in row. And my favourite color, it is in pink~~!!

Another pencil case that I did was with these japanese dolls fabric. If you like them, you can have them at here.

Custom order for a customer. She want a big She wanted a big pencil case. I think it so big that I can put most of my cosmetic inside. Able to store a Scientific calculator inside too.

I made an extra cosmetic pouch for sale too (with pink polka dot linning)~~ I kinda start to love fabrics in bright red color. Plan to do a tote bag with this fabric too.
I tried to make some blythe dress too. I manage to make one and my housemate manage to make one. But I haven't take her out for shoting (I'm too bored on my home view). Promise will snap some picture soon.
Arrange of craft materials and found I have so many buttons. My storage box was burst~ Can't fit them all. I'm selling of some of them. Please visit here if you are interested to purchase them. I have some tiny flower buttons and some animal fancy button for sale.

WIP: Donuts delight ~~ Still waiting them to dry up completely~~ I have done a custom order for donuts too. Since I start dirty my hand with those clay. I might wise make some more in 1 shot.


Agnes Sim said...

wow... so productive! Izzit for tis coming event at times square? Gambateh oh... I've give up to join the event but i think will visit u all there. ;-)

mangosteenskin said...

hi ciyou!

nice to see ur creative works again! thanks for sharing ur trips to bangkok. i really enjoyed ur pictures and tips.

really adore your works on creative foodies! your pencil cases are awesome too! never tried sewing pencil case or bags before, i am so afraid of the zips!

aileen :: motu said...

great job! you were really productive!!! i need to work harder too!!!! wishing you great business!!!

Coleen said...

you make nice and beautiful pencil cases. I am a pen collector and I am looking for pen cases that I can use. Can I order? how much does your pen cases cost?

I love the black with floral design


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