Saturday, April 18, 2009

Food at Thailand

Thailand is famous for good food. Friends told me that mostly their things are quite good. We have no idea what or where to eat. What we do is go to those restorans which have penty of customer.

I notice local people usually drinks plain water. Almost every restoran we go, there will prepare this type of drinking water in bottle. I think they recycle the bottle after using it.

This was our first dinner at Thailand. It was a open air hawker stall cooking dishes. We decided to have a try when we notice there are some crowds on the stalls. This is our favourite - Pork slice with sauce. This taste so good. It consist of thin meat and fat meat in 1 slice of meat. Very tasty. We ended up order 2 plates...

Mango salad~~ my favorite. But sometimes Thai food will be abit spicy.

We ordered tomyam. We told them a little bit spicy. Ended up no one can drink the tom yam soup except TS. It was a clear tom yam but I can't understand why there are so spicy.

The was the lunch we ate at floating restoran on the way back from Ayutthaya. Papaya salad - not as good as mango salad.

Green curry of the left and coconut seafood on the right. Actually I eat these back at Malaysia from those Thai Restoran. The cocount seafood dish is actually like otak otak (fish paste). Yummy, yummy... I love otak otak.

McDonalds in Thailand. TS say must try item is Pork Burger. Something that we can't find in Malaysia.

There is a Mc Cafe, seperated from the normal Mc Donalds counter.

The set meal is almost the same. Just the price is slightly higher in Malaysia. I notice those things or food which are not produce in Thailand, the price will be high. At the airport. I spotted a meal set of Burger King can cost from 180 Baht to 300Baht (That's way too expensive just for fast food)

Here is how the pork burger looks like.

Some dessert that TS have during our trip to Pattaya. The chicken taste quite good.


Agnes Sim said...

Wow...i like the foods

Robin said...

That McDonald's pork burger is cool! When I went to Japan, they had a special shrimp burger. lol I didn't try it though. But their regular cheeseburgers were fantastic!

Jys said...

did you try the McD's taro pie? that's the best lar!!


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