Friday, April 24, 2009

Blythe dress #3

Sorry for the bad lighting, I took the picture at evening time. This was the 3rd dress that I make. Anyone wants donut??

She is so lucky that I made her new clothers, brought her new shoe and treat her donuts. I should take her to the sun to take picture. This picture looks dark...


*櫻桃冰子* Cherry said...

she's really lucky
does she has a name?

now i wish to own a DAL
their latest PUKI looks cute but it will cost me RM400++
will be in my wishing list^^

Ciyou said...

i didnt give her a name, maybe i dont know what name to give. so i call her 娃娃。

those doll are around this price, depand on how much the supplier shipped in, maybe the some they buy, the cheaper price they can get.

Hope to see your doll soon, u can sew her new dress too.

giannigoh said...

she becomes your daughter now.
so beautiful that dress, can i have one? hahaha....

Agnes Sim said...

The dress is so sweet. ;-) Good job!

Anonymous said...

hey, nice to meet you.i m from penang. i m really interested in ur handcraft. i m going to open a shop at penang gurney plaza, which is a cubical cabinet concept store. i rent out cubical for people to leave down their item to sell at my shop. i m trying to find some unique handcraft and i found tat ur handcraft is really nice.i leave down my msn, pls nt hesitate to send me a mail or msg for further info.i noe u r at KL now, so v can discuss the transportation of stock and other else.
hope to c ur reply soon.
have a nice day.


Katrina said...

her hair a bit messy..
do u add any new blythe recently?


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