Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wat/Temple at Ayutthaya

The next day, we went to so historical area at Ayutthaya. (Not sure because TS when to Cambodia, he seems like those historical area). There are alot of Wat (temple)there, we just went to 2 Wat.

This time we just attach with a van driver which his english is not that good. So he can't really explain much to us the historical area. It is around 1 hour drive from Bangkok. I strongly recommend anyone else going to these area need to get a tour guide. Else it will be like us, don't understand much on what is it.

This is Wat Yai Chaimongkon.

On the way in, we saw Doremons?? Why?? Maybe it's a god for wishing babies??

The famous large reclining Buddha in saffron robes in its own ruined wiharn.

Here is how big his feet is. A closer look on his foot, you can see coins stick on top. Without using glue, just press hard on the foot and it will stick (TS coin stick, so he is telling everyone if u stick your coin there, will get good luck~~ )

We brought lotus flower set for prayer on the temple. They will give u some gold paper. We follow what locals do. After praying, we go and stick those gold paper on those buddha. I guess that means good luck.

The buddha are full of gold papers~~
Behind of the praying temple, there is another temple.
There is a huge chedi swathed in golden cloth set in a courtyard which is lined by Buddha images all wearing saffron robes.

This is Wat Mahathat. It is a large temple that was quite thoroughly ransacked. There are rows of headless Buddhas are atmospheric.

This is also where you can spot the famous tree that has grown around a Buddha head.


Jys said...

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izchan said...

how are your dear.
Is the new place working well for you?


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Ciyou said...

I'm fine izchan~~ working still ok.

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