Thursday, April 09, 2009

Floating Market at Bangkok

We pay a half day tour trip from the hotel at the second day of Bangkok. It is around 600Baht person. We still need to pay for the ticket for some rides. My advise is to book from travel agent, it will be abit cheaper.

The tour includes visit to:
1. Floating market
2. Elephant ride
3. Handicraft visit
4. Gem stone factory

It takes an hour drive to the floating market. We will need to take a big boat from the main river to the floating market. There are houses, temple beside the river. It is hot in the morning.

Here is where the floating market starts. We have to pay 150Baht for the smaller boat ride for 30 minutes. Alternatively you can walk beside of the river. It is a good experience bargaining and buying on the boat. It is a must to bargain because they tend to sell in a higer price when you are buying from the boat. (Emm... I think because only visitors will sit on the boat, locals usually walk beside of the river.)

Gas on the boat~ kinda dangerous~~!

Alternatively you can walk at the side of the river.

Cooking in the boat! Something like fried banana's
Selling noodles and fruits

A complete view of the floaring market~~ beautiful

The next destination is elephant ride.

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Jys said...

i joined the half day tour when I was in Bangkok and they brought me to these places as well.

hate the gemstone factory...


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