Tuesday, April 07, 2009

First day at Bangkok

We took the 8.25am flight to Bangkok but I need to wake up at 4am in the morning~! (My house is not near the airport). The day was very sunny bright.

Reached Bangkok Airport around 9.30am thailand time. Thailand time is 1 hour slower then Malaysia. It was very big, international airport. We walk quite some time and waited quite a long time for our luggage. I remember the time we completed collecting our luggage was around 10.30am thai time. The taxi from airport to our hotel is around 750 Baht (6 seat taxi).

Spotted this public drinking place at the road side. I am thinking who dares to drink. Bangkok traffic condition are similar like KL, jamming on some major road and crawls like turtle.

Tuk-tuk cars beside the road. Better compare those at Cambodia.

Reach Samran Place Hotel nearly 12noon. It is located near Ratchathewi BTS (train station), 5-10 minites walk to the BTS station. Here is how our room look like.

For transportation, it is best to get a meter taxi or by BTS train. If you know how to take public bus, it is even better. I don't like tuk tuk, they everytime overcharge visitors.


Joan said...

do u notice the position of the gear for tuk tuk? damn funny, i think drive will get hurt if make emergency break. me and my fren laugh can not stop on that.

Coleen said...

Wow! I read your blogs about your tour to Bangkok!
you write very well!. Thank's for sharing! I am so excited too cause my sister and I will be going to bangkok next week! It would be my firts trip out of my country!
I hope I will have a fun and memmorable experience like you. By the way your pictures are great! Thanks for sharing!;-)


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