Friday, April 17, 2009

Thailand Grand Palace

After the trip to Ayutthaya, we headed back to Bangkok to visit the Thailand Grand Palace. Take note that you cannot wear short pants and skirts. In front of the entrance, they will ask you why didn't wear long pants, then tell you cannot go in. I got my jeans long pants in my bag, so we showed them and they just let us in. Actually if you don't have long pants, you after the entrance there is a place where you can rent long pants.

Here is the view of the palace after we finish changing our long pants.

Here is the main entrance of the palace. Ticket is 350Baht. Close at 3.30pm. We reach at 3pm. Omg~~ we are just so late. But we manage to wonder around the area until 4.30pm. Best visiting time is at the morning.

Why do we still need to wear long pants where most of the people fold their pants because the palace was FLOOD everywhere after the heavy rain at the afternoon.

The building was impressive. Mostly gold color. Fully decorated with gemstones.

See how bad was the flood, we only manage to take some picture from far. Here is the A mythological giant. It have 4 pairs in 4 different gates.

Miniature model of Angkor Wat (Wondering why got angkor wat at here??)

Some detail shot of the buidings~~

Kinnorn - mythological creature, half bird, half man

The famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Here is the outside of the temple. Photography inside the temple. But I manage to zoom in and snap a picture of the emerald buddha from outside the temple.

The walls are full with drawing. It was the same story when we visit to Cambodia. Cambodia wall story was presented using stone carving while Thailand was painting.Chakri Mahaprasad Hall is the largest of the Grand Palace buildings. The exterior shows a peculiar blend of Italian renaissance and traditional Thai architecture.

Most of the museum was close at 4pm, so we miss some of these areas.

Infront of the grand palace, there are alot of pigeons. There is an old lady there keep on giving you a pack of corns to feed the pigeons. DO NOT take from her. Something we learn, do not take anything from other people. Nothing is free. She forcely give to some of us. Some just put down and ignore her. Another friend just take and feed the pigeons. After feeding the pigeons, she come and ask for money. She was asking for 300Baht for 3 small packs of corn. In a rude and forcing manner. So do not take things from stranger. Especially at those tourist center.


网上论坛 said...

big sunshine for 3:30 pm~
what a flood, but surely a funny experience for being in the Grand Palace with it.
Been there, cloudy day, no flood for sure.

Janice said...

Ciyou.... Surprise?
I found your blog through Stephanie's blog! Seems like it's a small small world!

Msg me when you are online. :) haha.

From SuLin


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