Sunday, April 26, 2009

Massage, nightlife and shopping at Bangkok

Do not trust those tuk tuk driver. There is a massage shop just beside our hotel, but the tuk tuk drivers parking beside of the hotel insist that we try this massage shop. He claim the price is the same 400baht per 2 hours. But he wants 60 Baht (3 person) for a round trip of tuk tuk to the massage shop. We ask why we want to spend extra 60 Baht according to him, it is more professional. Well, here we are. The shop really looks more proffesional, but we got con by the tuk tuk driver. It was not 400 baht per 2 hour, it is 700 baht for normal Thai massage. Omg~~

Well, the sales girl seems like know that we are complaining of the price of the massage, she did a discount - 500 Baht per person since we have 6 person in a group.
The massage seassion was quite ok, but I don't really understand why they focus much on my legs and my hand. I need massage on my back the most. It was very comfortable. I slept in there until she press my ankle. I do not know how she press, it was so so painful. I told her that I have hurt my ankle before. She said she help me to massage it, but the more she massage, the more painful feel.

Massage in Pattaya is a bit cheaper then Bangkok. I experience Thai Herbal Massage in Pattays for 600Baht. It use some herbal wrap and steam it until it is very hot and put it on your body. It is so relaxing.

If you are looking for cheap source of clothers and accesories(for ladies), do visit this platinum fashion mall. It give you wholesale price if you buy more then 3 item and above.

night market is a place that you can visit at night. . The stores open after 9pm and there are security guard helping them to open road for those hawker to push their store to their location. This road is famous for those sex show and those prositution. There are alot people asking for those sex show, just ignore them.

Japanese street, alot of girls dress up in uniform to attract those mens wondering down the road. It is a very happening street.

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