Monday, August 23, 2010

House defect

After we got our house keys, we booked a session with the developer for join inspection. We manage to book the session 1 month later as it was fully book on the Saturday.

We went to our house twice on checking the whole house. The first thing we encounter was leakage of water on the entrance and the master room ceiling. Water stain was very obvious on the ceiling. The living area and the dinning area have pond of water. Two of my bed room wood vinyl floors come out. We have demand the developers to change them for us.

We spotted quite a number of defect. Mainly on uneven furnishing on windows, slanting windows panel, poor quality on the switch part, and many more small and tiny details to check. Remember one concept that we have pay so much for the house, everything that you are no satisfy, you can complain about it.

The land at the back yard... The land is sinking....
WE decide to cement the back yard to preventing the mud to split over my back wall. Mainly because it is more easy to maintain.
Poor workman ship in the stairs.....
My dad told me to check the hollowness of each and single tiles. So we have the knock knock every single tiles with the 50 cents coin, but later the developer say that we can't check like this. We can only use our hand to to knock each tile. Poor TS hand was hurt after the inspection.
The developer spend almost 1 month to repair all my defects.... why? Because we are so detail on our defects.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Working non stop

I have started my new job at last Monday.
It was a totally different environment, lifestyle and working style to me.
Now I understand why they are so busy.

At the second day, they start assigning me to a project and start to ask me to work around on it.
I was pretty lost as I do not have any experience in my new job.
Have to digest tons of documents and data.
Time flies very fast working there.

After getting home from work,I was exhausted and just when to bed....
I only manage to surf the internet, check my mails at the weekends

What a busy week~!

Later I'm going off to buy some lights and furniture hunting for my new house.

Monday, August 02, 2010


A lazy Sunday evening
walking into a coffee shop
TS order a cup of coffee and I order a slice of cake

Saw a box of Monopoly on the coffee shop and started playing them.
It was way too long the last game
I almost forget all the rules and regulation
I miss those old days I played with my brother's and sister's back at Penang.
It was once our favorite game when we were young.
Spending some time reading the rules and regulation and we started to play.... We shouted and laugh with joy if we earn money and become sad if we loss money.

I think the rest of the people of the coffee shop thinks we are crazy.

One thing funny of this game is this TS keep on stepping my land (Pentonville Road $8) every round he passed by....

TS manage to build houses in the most expensive piece of land~ I kena 1 time which cost the rental for $200!
Too bad I wasn't in luck of building any house.


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