Monday, August 02, 2010


A lazy Sunday evening
walking into a coffee shop
TS order a cup of coffee and I order a slice of cake

Saw a box of Monopoly on the coffee shop and started playing them.
It was way too long the last game
I almost forget all the rules and regulation
I miss those old days I played with my brother's and sister's back at Penang.
It was once our favorite game when we were young.
Spending some time reading the rules and regulation and we started to play.... We shouted and laugh with joy if we earn money and become sad if we loss money.

I think the rest of the people of the coffee shop thinks we are crazy.

One thing funny of this game is this TS keep on stepping my land (Pentonville Road $8) every round he passed by....

TS manage to build houses in the most expensive piece of land~ I kena 1 time which cost the rental for $200!
Too bad I wasn't in luck of building any house.

1 comment:

uLi.佑莉 said...

Long time didnt plat this game leh....I think my Iphone got this apps :)


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