Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy and stressful

4 days holiday was great. Just sleeping and watching movie at a quiet kampung at TS hometown.

After the 4 days holiday, everything become busy. Too much holidays will ended up alot of work load been stack up. After the holiday... every moment at work was working and rushing... the clients are so uncertain on what they need and keep on changing the design. The same task I have change numerous time, in different format and different design.

Worried on my teeth, I am so scared that the next day I woke up, I will have a swollen cheek again. I haven't go back for an appointment because they are still close for Raya break. Worried that something will happen at the 4 days of my trip... Argh.....

Didn't have too much time to plan on my coming sudden trip to Bangkok. No internet access at TS hometown. I have to search some of them when I have a tiny break on my work.

So much housework to do and I am so tired when I reach home.

No time even to watch my daily drama movie... I missed so much episode.

Can't find my plug converter and things for travel.... where on the earth I have put them at???

2 days I forgotten to apply my moisturizer before coming out too work (which I usually won't forget). Feeling my face so oily and just not protected.

The most less stressful was the train wasn't that crowded... I guess still many of them are still in holidays.

Sorry for the nagging on this post, hope everything will be back to normal and less stressful after the trip back from Bangkok....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swollen Cheek

I had the worst weekend ever.
It started with a toothache and later my gum started pain.
The next day my cheek start to get swollen.
I can't chew or eat. All I can is just swallow porridge, drinking fluid such as milo, or herbal drink.
My friend told me it might be cause due to heaty.
But I think its because of my teeth.
It was an old hole that was repaired 2 years back, I think it start to fell over.
There was no dentist at Sunday. Why dentist does not open at Sunday?
It was worst at night. I can't sleep and have to eat pain killer to ease the pain.
Hate it.
Finally I went to the dentist at monday morning. The dentist claim that the bacterias have enter my gum and cause the swelling. He remove the old repair teeth and told me to take some antibotic.
The antibotic really help and reduce the pain.
I try not to take too much pain killer as I know it's bad for my body.
This morning was better. The swelling reduce abit and I can start chewing...

Will need to go back to the dentist to either pull of my teeth or do a Root Canal Treatment . Sometimes I just think of just pulling the tooth will makes lesser problems, but my teeth will disappear forever... what shall I do??

Friday, September 11, 2009

Flowers Hair pin

I enjoy making this some day ago...
I got some from a swap, some from my collection. It looks rows of flowers at the garden.
I kinda love more and more the lomo effect. It looks perfect on those vintage flower buttons.
I tried up the button cover fabric too. They just love simply cute with those small characthers on each hair pin.
I think it will look great on baby girl or young girls. Looks sweet.
Sometime I can't stop myself on wearing them too.

It is been a busy week. Loads and load of work to be done. I think be getting there soon...

Looking forward for the weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blue Garden Bracelet

So busy at work this week.

Sudden work load in office become too much. Due to the internet connection at the office is too slow, it so slow to upload new updated website online.

Just launched a newly design financial website. Some file are missing due to the bad internet connection. Now in the process of patching them up.

I haven't have time to update my shop yet. I have made some hair pins and I have try to make this bracelet using the lampwork beads that I brought recently. It turn up to be so beautiful. I called it "Blue Garden" because the there is roses in the lampwork beads, butterfly, flowers surronding them. I was doing for myself, but it seems to be too big for me. I have a small wrist by the way.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Addicted to bookmarks

Addicted on making these lovely bookmarks. I love the princess bookmark the most. It comes with a small mirror, silver ribbon and a crown.
This time I added sea blue lampwork bead and pearl bead on the mermaid bookmark. Looks more from the sea.
Forrest bookmark in more colors - red mushroom (my favorite), greeny leafs, stars and dragonfly.

Metal bookmarks kinda looks like jewellery to me. I love essemble them and enjoying putting them on my books and admire them. You can get them at here.

A day for handmade cards

Some cards that I made recently. Just in a mood on making card rather then sewing. I saw some nice pouchers at the Bookfair but I didn't buy any due to my over spending last month. Card making is just too much to spend on. But I try to keep my spending low and manage to create this few cards.

I love the pink background paper (with black and white shapes). It is actually a wrapping paper. I love this card to most.

Another card that I made from the newly brought forest stamps set. Cute ler....
A simple birthday card... to be kept until someone's birthday come along. Always wanted to do my own birthday cards for friends and family but always so lazy to do them. I think this is the way to do some and keep and post them when its time.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Animal stamps and fabric laces

Some of the things that I spoted for awhile. Mostly from website overseas. Wanted to get them, but it is kinda expensive to ship only 1 item from overseas.
Such a coincidence that I saw a local shopping spree from Korea and I quickly place my order in this cute animal rubber stamp. The stamp is so detail and sweet. I already used them for some of my packaging and some card making.

Tape fabrics that I always see at Taiwan website, I got these at Queensbay mall on my last visit back to Penang. They are too cute to be cut off and I think it looks beautiful attached on my handmade bags/pouches.

I need to start sewing soon.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fruit Tarts available at Sunway Pyramid

**There is some problems in selling those fruit tarts at Sunway~~ the management haven't approve yet the selling of this product. So they are all still lying at my house, I will take pictures soon and upload them on my shop. Sorry for any inconvience cause.**

Love these yummy fruit tarts? I have more this time....

I made much more this time for a friend stall at Sunway Pyramid. Location is at the end of the post. Here are some lovely snap shot on the fruit tarts before I assemble them into hair pin, earrings, rings and hand phone charms.

Some of the fruit tarts earring and marshmallow earrings made from clay.

Fruit Tarts hair pin which sold fast on my last production. This time I did more rings.

Finally some mini cute fruit tarts, macaroons, and donuts hand phone accessories.

You can get these item at
Unique @ Sunway Pyramid, LG2 (Opposite Aussino & ToyCity)
I am not selling these on my shop. Just head over Sunway Pyramid to have a look on the real product.
Have fun!~


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