Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy and stressful

4 days holiday was great. Just sleeping and watching movie at a quiet kampung at TS hometown.

After the 4 days holiday, everything become busy. Too much holidays will ended up alot of work load been stack up. After the holiday... every moment at work was working and rushing... the clients are so uncertain on what they need and keep on changing the design. The same task I have change numerous time, in different format and different design.

Worried on my teeth, I am so scared that the next day I woke up, I will have a swollen cheek again. I haven't go back for an appointment because they are still close for Raya break. Worried that something will happen at the 4 days of my trip... Argh.....

Didn't have too much time to plan on my coming sudden trip to Bangkok. No internet access at TS hometown. I have to search some of them when I have a tiny break on my work.

So much housework to do and I am so tired when I reach home.

No time even to watch my daily drama movie... I missed so much episode.

Can't find my plug converter and things for travel.... where on the earth I have put them at???

2 days I forgotten to apply my moisturizer before coming out too work (which I usually won't forget). Feeling my face so oily and just not protected.

The most less stressful was the train wasn't that crowded... I guess still many of them are still in holidays.

Sorry for the nagging on this post, hope everything will be back to normal and less stressful after the trip back from Bangkok....


Jys said...

oh wow.. bangkok again!! must enjoy ur great shopping experience then!!

giannigoh said...

i want go there too, but is next year loh....
so great that you can fly there many times....


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