Saturday, October 03, 2009

Gifts that make me happy

I'm back from my bangkok trip~ phew.... that was so tired. I walked so much until my leg was terrible painful and need to go for massage. Will blog my trip later.

After my trip, my work load become heavier. I need to rush for work in office because of the 2 day leaves that I took this week and the 2 days leave at Raya last week. I want to work, but I was still on holiday mood and it is so hard to concentrate.

I got this gift lying on my desk when I was back from Bangkok. It's a gift from a craft friend Ivy from Taiwan. Gosh~~ she sent me some of her lovely collection of her handcarve stamps which is mounted on wood block. An ATC that she made and some embellishments That is so lovely and it surprise me when it comes with a small box. Thanks Ivy for this lovely gift.
I got the right hand 3D bear card the got before I go to Bangkok. And a sweet card which is double roller card. Both are from a leekean, she is just so creative in making these cards.
Here is how it looks ~ the card can stand alone... so cool.
Thanks gals for these lovely gifts~~ you have brighten my lifes~~

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giannigoh said...

oh, a wonderful card. Long time din make a card, now pay more attention on my craft. Long time din chat with u liao. How about ur trip? I also planning go there next year. XD


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