Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Addicted to Farm Ville @ Facebook

I been not blogging for a while, yes busying on my shop, busy on work and addicted on Farm Ville at Facebook.

I am used to play online yahoo games once in a blue moon. I'm not the type of addictive player.
I do play sim city when I was at collage but stop after my laptop are not too compatible on it.

I didn't login to facebook as much as a daily basis.
I was just thinking facebook was another friendster thing.
It seems like the world is all going thru facebook and sometimes I felt left out on some comments, application or games that my friends are discussing about.

Until a few months ago, I notice TS started to play this game, which the sounds interesting to me, I started then after a few weeks seeing him playing and who knows... I was addicted!

The virus spread to my other housemate and 3 of us started to play.... we invited his brother who stay with us to play, but he refuse, but eventually he started playing secretly at home too.

Now some time when we are at home, here is some of our converstion:
TS: "Hei, I'm going to give out a cow, quickly go and take..."
ME: "OKOK.... wait I login first... you wait...."

TS: "My tomatos die liao.... aiyo... I forgot to harvest them"
(he slept after he bath and forget to harvest them)
ME: "I help you harvest liao la... See... I so good"
(he forget to logout before he slept, thats why I saw and help him)

TS: "See I got pink cow....."
ME: "Eh... where?? Why I do not have? Where to get.....where......"

Here are some views on my farm:

Duckling around the pond.... poor ugly ducking is left out.

You can decorate a path on your farm... I like them when the tree is ready for harvest.
from 99% to fully harvest... I like seeing them changing....

Some of my friends farm.....
This is very beautiful... you can see so much fruits and plants that grows....

A bunch of trees ~~ looks like forest to me (laugh)
Are you addicted too??


Agnes Sim said...

wow..i gv upo liao...after few weeks addicted for this lazy to play liao. :p

a t h i r a h said...

Im not :p
BUT,my aunts,uncles,sisters & friends are !


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