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Lip color TYPES

Got this usefull article in Epinions. I found it usefull when comes to selecting the lip color I want. There is a lot to decide on before picking out a lipstick! In the market, there is so many kinds of lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm.... What's their different??

There are several types of lipstick formulas that offer different are the most common ones, outlined below.

means that the lipstick should last up to eight hours, unless you are eating something greasy or oily. This means your color won't come off, but it can feel dry on lips.

means it should stay put for four-six hours but will also probably feel dry. To balance the dryness, look for long-wearing formulas that also containing moisturizers like Vitamin E and aloe.

means that the lipstick will be shimmery, glimmery and irridescent, due to light-reflecting ingredients in the formula.

means it will be colorful but opaque, making the pigments flat and non-shiny...this is often also a drying formula.

means the formula contains some light waxes like candelilla so your lips won't be as dry, but the formula tends to last for shorter amounts of time.

means the lipstick should be smooth and shiny and usually contains the moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin E and aloe...however, it won't last as long as some other formulas.

means it will be glossy and full of moisture, but requires lots of reapplication. Usually has a high oil content and looks much darker in the tube than it will on your mouth.

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  1. 一类带黄色,属于暖色系列,包括红黄色、粉黄色、橙色等;
  2. 另一组带蓝色,属于冷色系列,包括紫色、玫红、桃红等。

肤色 VS 口红的颜色

  1. 深色的皮肤,那么口红的选择就会很多:深紫红色,巧克力色,红色,轻淡的颜色和橙色。(通常来说,肤色越深,选择口红的色调越深,这样的搭配会使你看起来更漂亮。
  2. 肤色适中,任何色调的红色都会适合你: 褐色系的紫红色,透明的莓子色,深棕色
  3. 肤色较白,透明的纯色会使你变得更吸引人: 该遵循的色调是米色,浅珊瑚红,浅粉色。


Choose a color that complements the natural shade of your lips and skin. ~ By Ehow.

Skin Tone

  1. Dark skin tone: Plums, wines and deep reds
  2. Lighter skin tone: light-brown beiges with pink or orange undertones
  3. Olive skin :brownish reds, light browns and raisin shades
Day and Nite Colors differ

  • Daytime: lighter colors, Matte and cream finishes offer a subtler daytime look. A sheer, natural-looking color with a little shine also works well for day.
  • Night: darker colors, a high-gloss finish adds glamour for evening

Deep or bold lip color complements light eye makeup, while light or nude lipstick flatters heavy eye makeup.

Use the warm/cool theory: women with olive complexions look best in warm colors (yellow based) and women with fair skin look better in cool (blue based) colors.


Here are some suggestion from epinions.

Here is a list of common skin tones and good colors:
  • Yellow: The best shades for this kind of skin are light and dark browns, warm reds and very light hues.
  • Rose: The best colors for this skin tone are reds, pinks and colors.
  • Dark: The best kind of lip color for this skin is rose, dark purple and light colors.
  • Tanned: The best color for tanned skin is pink or light colors, always.
  • Fair: The best kind for this type of skin is an orange-red, a pink or a light purple.

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    一位化妆师的看法 ~ 为何保养是那么重要。我feel她说得很有道理:

    到了28岁 ,更是关键,因为,这个年纪是亚洲人出现衰老皱纹的开始,如果没有好好护理,30岁以后就会更加快速的衰老了。

    我实在不知道100元 (*她可能是住在中国获台湾*)能买到什么样的化妆品,ok,我们换句话说,就算你的皮肤很好,100元左右的化妆品也非常适合,但是,眼霜,绝对要买好的,一分钱一分货,就是这个道理,你用的着哩已经远远不能满足你在这个年纪的眼部的需要了,一定要买一个对于防止皱纹,淡化细小皱纹的滋润眼霜,绝对不可以买便宜货。



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    Sunday, April 23, 2006

    Julian Beever Drawing Update

    T his drawing of a Rescue was to be viewed using an inverting mirror

    Batman and Robin to the rescue(SO COOL)

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    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Today's quote

    Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.


    Do You know: That next month on Thursday 4th May, 2006, at two minutes and three seconds after 1 o'clock the time and date will be exactly: 01:02:03 04/05/06 . This will never happen again

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Today's quote


    Tuesday, April 11, 2006


    Bad news~ Early morning my love recieve a phone call from his family, saying that one of his cousin dead yesterday from a car accident. What a shocking news. My love say, the last time their meet was at "Cheng Meng", they go together sweeping the kubur. His cousin left his wife and 2 children which is 8 and 4 years old. So pity. Heard that the car hit and run, while he hurt his chest during the accident. Accident occur at 11pm, but people just found him at 1am, so scary. If he was found earilier, maybe he have more chance to surivive. The most pity is how his wife and children need to live. My love was sad, i feel that he and his cousin is very close, as they use to play with each other when their are young. People can go like this, one day he is here, another day he is gone forever.

    Monday, April 10, 2006

    On Leave

    Today is monday and I'm on leave. Horray~~

    Why am I onleave? Alot to do, 1st, need to go the Tenaga Nasional to settle the electrical bill, else we will have a cut in our electricity.

    2nd, so hungry as we didnt have our breakfast, but too bad, still haven't have more food at 10.30am in the morning, as we are lazy to go up, we hang around in the comic shop near by.

    12pm.... hungry... Find food at deas setapak.

    1pm ~ reach home, my love sleep for a while, rest, as he need to go for an interview soon. me busying with my beads.

    2.30pm ~ my love left from home to interview. What about me? Me go walk walk at KL city. When to pasar seni, petaling street, was fun, alot stuff to see on. Cheap and pretty stuff available there.

    6.30pm ~ reach Wangsa maju LRT station, raining heavy, too heavy, I didnt take umberlla that day. That's why. no choice but to run in the rain to my condo.Totally wet when I reach my condo, its 10 minutes walk from the lrt to my condo, altought I run abite, walk abit, still wet. I meet "Long yin" ~ a guy which I known him when I was in the community service at Kedah. We exchange hp no as to keep contact. So paiseh that he saw me so wet. Haha

    Reach my condo, I thought safe liao, but 2 lift rosak because of the lightening. Now remaining one lift. When the lift arrive, I was happy, but when it open, I was sad. No light on the lift. Dark.... so scary, but no choice, still have to go up. Cause I can't wait, need to clean up bcoz of the wet rain. Thank god still alot people live at 17, 18 floor, so no problem, as long as got accompany, I'm not that scared.

    Alone reach home, alone cook, alone eat, alone work on my crafts, alone sleep. My love midnite baru balik. Busy i think!~

    Sunday, April 09, 2006

    Sunday holiday

    Teach a friend makeup at sunday morning, 2nd time ~ Overall is ok, but mascara part still need to improve. My love woke up and cook chickhen rendang. Sounds yummy, but its very very simple by using Idaman Suri premix. 2 step you can cook a delicous rendang. Plus its very delicous, really alike those we eat outside.

    Saturday, April 08, 2006

    Work on Saturday

    Today OT, 1st time need to come back to office at work at Saturday.Time from 10am to 2pm, but I don't really think it can be finish at 2pm, but I still agree to come, at Friday nite, I just relaise I have a BBS at 2pm. Oh shit~~, almost forgot.

    No choice, but to rush there. So I work until around 1.30pm, I rushed to Amarda hotel. No choice la, altought those task haven't finish, and I'm not coming back on Monday, but I really need to go the the BBS, coz I pay my ticket price liao.

    After the BBS, felt very worth going to it, cause I learn alot from there. A young man, at his early 30, very excited when he is giving his speach.

    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    Tote Bag

    Brought a Tote bag today, big, sharp green, nylon, from Gurdian. Very cheap from what I see today, RM 15.88. Compare to the 1st time I see the bag, it was RM29.90. The shop earn alot, as the price is so high, and they can reduce the price until this low to sell during sales. But very big the bag, very suitable for travelling which consist of 2 to 3 days trip.

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006


    又跌倒, 好痛!

    是在找一位顾客, 那路很暗,小楼梯又不平,一不小心,就跌倒。敲到膝盖 和脚子。敲到,哇! 整条腿麻掉的感觉。


    Ankle 本来都有点酸痛了,在跌倒, 整个左脚和腿又酸又痛!还好 TS 晚上帮我推一推,好多了。 但走路就还是有点痛。

    得吃多点 Protein 和 Calmag 啦!

    Monday, April 03, 2006

    Busy week

    Long long time didn't blog... why? Busy during working hours

    Use to blog every day, but now, seems lesser time to blog, or even see people blog.
    My working place is an IT base company, when I join, mostly we are working with UK or AU clients, but now, slowly more towards local clients.

    Local clients have one thing very bad, is they like to change requirements frequently, very frequent. The manager say that we cannot stop clients from changing update information - This i can understand. But even sign off project, deliever live project, they will like to make changes somemore. Forever changing.

    Somemore now doing translation~ Japanese. Like see indian words lo~

    Last week, whole week rushing for a new project for the local clients. I'm so scare that they make changes again and again.

    Sunday, April 02, 2006

    Campus Superstar S'pore

    Campus Superstar Singpore gain popularity at Singapore and at the northen side of Malaysia, which is Johor. Why? Because they can receive Singapore channel.


    So it is an student singing contest.

    There is 2 song which is nice. I always listen to it when I'm at Johor, my bf house. 1st song, very cute, student taste.
    1. 校园 SuperStar 主题曲 By Now, 演唱: 校园 SuperStar 20 强

    2.U 频道台歌 “ 流行主教 ” 音乐录像, 演唱: 林俊杰

    Lyrics here:

    《By Now》-【校园Superstar】主题曲
    词 :翁文彬 曲 / 编:Redwan Ali
    (Doo Doo Da Da)
    (Wa ….)
    By now my song’ll make U 心跳
    (now ow 2 …ow 3…ow 4. )
    By now my face Campus 闪耀
    (now ow 2 …ow 3…ow 4. )
    我知道付出多少 才不会太糟 不会太糟
    (我知道付出多少… 不会太糟)
    (Woo hoo ………… 掉头走掉)
    (Woo hoo ……..… 一个拥抱)
    By now my name’ll make U骄傲
    (now …. make U骄傲)
    By now my fans 天天surround
    (now … 天天surround )
    你知道我的烦恼 不要 turn me down Dun turn me down
    (你知道我的烦恼 … Woo Wa Woo Wa ….Dun turn me down)
    校长老师七早八早都看好 (都看好)
    (Woo …. 都看好)
    Papa Mama always Back me up (They always back me up)
    (La ..…. Back me Up) ( Na No No No)
    最怕结果 等到答案揭晓 感觉 不是太妙
    ( 揭晓 ha …… 太妙〕
    我要做到 (我要做到 Ah) 我能做到
    (我要做到 我能做到)

    《 流行主教 》
    词:林宇中 曲:林俊杰

    世界在我口袋 流行有我安排
    最 in 的新字号 眼光是最独到
    E 时代的步调 驱动着我心跳
    我就是风潮 流行的主教

    (rap) 调一调你的频道

    我就是风潮 流行的主教
    往我这边靠 识趣的才叫时髦
    谁快 谁上道 谁慢了 就逊掉
    我就是风潮 流行的主教
    Come on, just follow me
    明天哪儿跑 我领导

    世界在我口袋 流行有我安排
    最 in 的新字号 谁的眼光最独到
    E 时代的步调 驱动着我心跳

    我就是风潮 流行的主教
    往我这边靠 识趣的才叫时髦
    谁快 谁上道 谁慢了 就逊掉
    我就是风潮 流行的主教
    Come on, just follow me


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