Monday, April 10, 2006

On Leave

Today is monday and I'm on leave. Horray~~

Why am I onleave? Alot to do, 1st, need to go the Tenaga Nasional to settle the electrical bill, else we will have a cut in our electricity.

2nd, so hungry as we didnt have our breakfast, but too bad, still haven't have more food at 10.30am in the morning, as we are lazy to go up, we hang around in the comic shop near by.

12pm.... hungry... Find food at deas setapak.

1pm ~ reach home, my love sleep for a while, rest, as he need to go for an interview soon. me busying with my beads.

2.30pm ~ my love left from home to interview. What about me? Me go walk walk at KL city. When to pasar seni, petaling street, was fun, alot stuff to see on. Cheap and pretty stuff available there.

6.30pm ~ reach Wangsa maju LRT station, raining heavy, too heavy, I didnt take umberlla that day. That's why. no choice but to run in the rain to my condo.Totally wet when I reach my condo, its 10 minutes walk from the lrt to my condo, altought I run abite, walk abit, still wet. I meet "Long yin" ~ a guy which I known him when I was in the community service at Kedah. We exchange hp no as to keep contact. So paiseh that he saw me so wet. Haha

Reach my condo, I thought safe liao, but 2 lift rosak because of the lightening. Now remaining one lift. When the lift arrive, I was happy, but when it open, I was sad. No light on the lift. Dark.... so scary, but no choice, still have to go up. Cause I can't wait, need to clean up bcoz of the wet rain. Thank god still alot people live at 17, 18 floor, so no problem, as long as got accompany, I'm not that scared.

Alone reach home, alone cook, alone eat, alone work on my crafts, alone sleep. My love midnite baru balik. Busy i think!~

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