Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Bad news~ Early morning my love recieve a phone call from his family, saying that one of his cousin dead yesterday from a car accident. What a shocking news. My love say, the last time their meet was at "Cheng Meng", they go together sweeping the kubur. His cousin left his wife and 2 children which is 8 and 4 years old. So pity. Heard that the car hit and run, while he hurt his chest during the accident. Accident occur at 11pm, but people just found him at 1am, so scary. If he was found earilier, maybe he have more chance to surivive. The most pity is how his wife and children need to live. My love was sad, i feel that he and his cousin is very close, as they use to play with each other when their are young. People can go like this, one day he is here, another day he is gone forever.

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Eve said...

Condolences to you.

Actually i'll like to tell you that im from penang too. and i stayed along Genting-klang area now. And im used to be a very active member in puppy.com. I see that we have in common, we know know each other. you can email me back if you want.



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