Tuesday, May 31, 2005


还好当初没考虑CS,跟本没有对他有任何的爱的感觉。今天才知道他如此的消极,对未来的日子没计划。他可以对一些他不知道的东西感到讨厌, 如此的男人。。嗨。。


当初我在这两个男人之中,他们都是我的好友,但终觉得TS比较厉害,比较乐观,比较可爱,比较爱我。和CS在一起, 没那种未来的感觉,终觉得他好像个小孩,但当时的我,还有共同的话题,还是蛮好的朋友。

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Flower fabric pin

Nowadays, when I flip thru the maganize, there are alot of this Flower fabric pins. I don't really understand a flower pin will cause about at least RM20, its just a plastic flower with some beads on it, what so special. I guess I can made some myself some simple one.

Here are some DIY I found on the website.
Folded Fabric Flower pin/hair clip tutorial
website: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=24944.msg206372

I want this BED

Every child should love this bed

United colors of Benetton

From teenager time, I already like this brand, all because of the colors.

Got some nice picture from their website.



More information:http://www.benetton.com/

Do we have charkra in the real world??

Charkra. Is this really in the world? Or is it just a teams in "Naruto" animation?

Today I saw something special in the internet.

A cosmetic using chakra to advertist their products. They specially talk more detail in charkra and natural healing.

"Within our body we have seven energy centres or chakras that vibrate at different frequencies. Each chakra is directly associated with and affected by a specific colour, because colour itself is produced by light vibrating at a specific frequency. "Our chakras are responsible for much of our physical, mental and spiritual health. When these energy centres become weak or unbalanced, colour is one of the most effective vibrational remedies to realign our system."

Colour Guidelines:
• Brown: Helps to keep you grounded and logical.
• White: Clears negativity and connects us to our higher self.
• Turquoise: Strengthens the immune system.
• Red: Encourages you to shine and makes you fearless and ready to take on the world.
• Pink: Has the same vibration as pure love.
• Orange: Helps you to trust your instincts and maintain a healthy balance in your relationships.
• Green: Encourages you to generate love energy and attract love.
• Black: Promotes change and moves us forward.
• Blue: Helps you to trust yourself and gives you the confidence to live and speak the truth.
• Yellow: Builds confidence enabling you to reach your full potential in anything you do.

Original source from: http://www.gulf-news.com/Articles/print.asp?ArticleID=97813
More information in the website: http://www.tonytina.com/

Here is the colors that represent the charkra and its location.

E. Funkhouser™ New York

Will be lauching a new comestic line by E. Funkhouser™ New York

Nice? Daring? Cool?
My comments: I great and cool look, can't wait to see it. Its good to see colors around myself's.

Webpage: http://www.efunkhouser.com





Tuesday, May 24, 2005



我还是不是很习惯那种男热爱看报纸的习惯,不是我不让他看,是他看报纸比任何东西还重要。和他说话,它是是 “嗯。。。嗯。。。”,好如一墙壁说话!
“何仙” 常常说:“嗨,男人和女人是有分别的,回家多看书吧!”


Monday, May 23, 2005

Sister's visit

Last weekend, my lovely sister come down to KL to visit me.

She stayed 2 days only, the 3rd day, she quickly packed and go back to Penang, saying that if I stay one more day in KL, I will become more broke… Haha.

Guess what, she shopped like water, TS bring her on Saturday to KLCC and Sg. Wang Plaza. What I heard from TS is her shopping attitude is similar to me ~~ guess sisters are like tat. Whenever a shop have the word SALES, she will go in and have a look. TS always call me saying my sister is going to buy this and that. TS said: “I have spend 1 day teman your sister, so don’t tell me shop for the next 1 year….”. L

Next day, its me who guide my sister to 1-utama. Both of us shop for at least 7 hours, walk here and there, not all shop we enter, cause 1-utama really very huge, 1 day impossible to see everything. I manage to get myself NOSE shoes….. Yeah… new shoes.
My sister is more keng ~ she buy a lot…..

When we reach wangsa maju, she is exhausted, but we still chit chat before we when to bed. Her bf called, how sweet is it, she is similar like others couples, talking are sweet sweet, very in love. Haha…

TS bising sangat, like radio….. like to nagging and laugh at people. My sister very paise, always complain to me.

Both of us are exhausted that my sister came, but still a wonderful trip with her.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Japanese Buffet

Last few days, I heard TS n Hoo n Friends say that will be a new japanese Buffet restaurant open in STARHILL (nice to listen, actually its bukit bintang, haha), they say its a japanese buffet restaurant very famous in HK n Taiwan.

Name: Jogoya Japanese buffet
Launched in: July
Location: Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur

Hope is nice, but heard that price is almost rm50 per person.

I have tried PJ Hilton's Japanese Buffet -Genji Japanese Restaurant , Very nice, a person almost RM80, very expensive. But u eat Unagi until u vomit, the cakes n desert are very nice too. There have alot of things to eat, such as teppanyaki, sukiyaki, tempura, sushi, sashimi, udon, assorted maki, particularly the famous California roll, and a variety of salads and desserts.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005




** 很棒的作品,但太可惜,是个分手信 **

Laundary Day

Last nite, AH Siew called me for dinner.... miss her alot, almost 1 month haven't find her already, who tell her stay so far away wo...

Chit chat with her and then TS stoped by, Ts shown me colorfull small BMW cars that I have sent to him, really really cool.

Seens she come back, I decided to go to her house to do my laundary again, because her house got washing machine. This time I'm more smart, wash at her house and dry at her house, easy, no need to take up and dry up there. All are those black n red shirts/pants, alot.....

Have a good chat with her, she express which guy is after her, which guy she rejected..... bla bla bla.... still a young gal, she passing a path that I already pass b4, but how can I tell her that its not good to be like tat. Not to say not to enjoy during young days, but its bad to have any guys just touch here and there for the reason that "we are dancing...... ".Later your bf might think that you r cheap (don't have harga diri) just because that what u did in ur past is something immature:(

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

mY n@mE

I saw my name at this website ** cool **

I don't think its a computer effect as it is posted in a public website :)

Original Site:

Sunday, May 15, 2005

1st trip with TS

This is my 1st trip with TS, as he promise, we went to Genting.

Wake up early, have some stupid fight, I make him mad, he make me sad, I cried, but think back, its just a waste of time :(.

WE packed and went to TERminal PUTRA, the station to take the bus up to Genting Highlands. On the trip, it was fun, i get to know my bf much more, how he last time earn his money in order to get the trip to KL when he was in primary school time, he is funny and I like him when he tells me stories about him. Love ya.

On the trip up using the skyways, on the cable car, i grab his hand real tight, really tight, i'm really scared of heights, i dare not look down or dare not move here and there, scared the whole cable car will goyang then fall down. Ts very naughty, purposely move here and there, make me more tension/ scared. I ask him "ARe you cold?", he said:"u grab me so tight, where got cold wo?!"... Aiya.. people scared mar, baru grab u so tight. The view was blur with all the haze... I guess can't be, not a good day to visit genting again~~

Reach there, saw cute Vicent, Venus, and Wendy and his cousin, those children was very happy playing in the indoor theme park. We when to find TS parents. We waited and waited, dam long.... waiting for them to check in, wait until almost 12 noon.

I almost lose my temper, what la, I come up here to play in the theme park, mana tahu, u ask me to wait so long for them to check in, wait here and there. Not becoz I don't want to help, its because we have only like 6 more hours to play only, plus to paid the ticket to the outdoor theme park alredi. But I didnt tell him tat, later he will bising say that I don't know how to think.

Its myself that told myelf, nevermind, he still owe me 1 trip to Genting, next time, we will have more time and more freedom togehter... I want him to have full concentration to me, not this cousin children, not his parents, not anyone else.... abit selfish ler... So that why I didnt bergaduh with him, I don't want to spoil my trip with him again.

Finally we r "free", we go to have our lunch 1st, food at Genting r expensive. When we finish and decided to go to the theme park, Ahlah.... Outsite is raining .... so sad, so bad, I always bring rain to GEnting, as what I told him... Seens Form 2, I never played in the theme park, coz always rain when I decide to play. Y am I so bad lucked!! Cried, cried. TS at tease me as "Ho Sin" = "Rain Person" =lalat.... coz i bring rain to Genting.

Not to waste the ticket we brought, we go for the buffet lunch at 1st world hotel. The hotel is celebrating Indian culture festival, so the food serve are indian base, some are yummy, but some taste weird, I guess we are not quite use to the indian food. But TS total conclusion said that the food is not nice. :( Don't know he know how to eat or not.

Later I ask him to go shopping, but guys seems no patient at this area, just a few steps on the shop, he say can go liao, u finish looking at those things, then drag me. If he see got cute cute shops, that I will attempt to go in, he will use his jacket and close my eyes and just grab me thru.... dam naughty.

Later we enter 1st World's Casino. Dam, the security guard ask my IC pula, TS said"Sudah 24 still nak check IC??", the SEcurity Guard said I look young... HAHA
He go in , its like his haeven, not to say he like to gamble, but those gaming things, he like the most.

-----to be continue----

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tried weekend

When back home town last saturday, coz we have a family reunion in my house, my relatives from US came back for a visit.

After the 4 hours long journey bus from KL to Penang, reach home, suprise that my house have 4 dogs, 1 german sherphan, 2 puddle, 1 "La chang gou". Very noisy.... they bark n bark all the time.

After some rest and shower, I meet my cousin, brother, sister in the botanical garden, later we when to Teluk Bahang seaside, argh.... the water tak boleh la... So dirty, hardly can find crystal clear water in Penang seaside. Later we go round the island, there is still a place tat has cystal clear water, but we doesn't know how to go.

We reach home at 6pm sharp, bath n wait for our Families Mothers Day Specials--> going out for dinner. The dinner was nice, very fulling, very delious and very full. We ate cakes too... yummy. Cost : RM700++ for 2 table

Too bad at nite I need to do my business, spended lesser time with Ah "Li".

Woke up really very early, at 6am, Ah "Li"'s flight was at 7.45am. She will be back to Nan Jing, China. She is a Chinese American, her collage have a exchange student program, so as a Chinese, she decided to go to China to learn chinese culture.

After the flight, we when "Tim Sum". "Tim Sum" was nice, almost all things are in prawns, yummy.... The most delicous was the egg tarz, when u bite the egg tarz, the whole filling will melt in your mouth. And the bisket beside is layered.

Then go home all people have some sleep.

Later evening, we teman Ah "WEI" for her last shopping trip in Penanag, we have nice food too, including satay, laksa, curry mee, fried oystal, "Shi Kuay Ten", chay Kuay Tiew....

At nite Me n Wei spend some time chating and I did her brows for her...

Another 6am wake up because today's is Wei's flight.
Exhausted..... when back home, over slept
Too rush in packing up things, when to meet Joyce at lunch time, but wasn't a good business presentation.
Sit the 4.5 hour bas to KL. Sleep alot.
Saw TS, haha.... he say he miss me alot. So sweet.
When makan again with Hoo n TS n Yau.... They eat alot... Lok Lok 1st then A&W.

Thats my busy weekends, now back to working days.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Business Partnerships

Business Partnership is hard to maintain. Dealing with people is the most difficult part in life. It comes and goes without a signal. Is because of the business, 2 person get to be so close, sharing future thoughts and dreams, but gratuately this relationship have some problems, which made either 1 party lack of excitement. Lack of excitement = lack of things in comman = lack of hanging out together = friendships fade...... :(

Hope that excitement is for a lifetime as friendship is something that we all should apperiate.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Close sales

Hurray....closed rm600++ sales today, its the work of MARCH, didn't thought that I have the ability to do sales. Gambate... this month I want to have rm2000 sales this month. Else we won't fullfill our dream... Gambate too TS.

Monday, May 02, 2005

New Handphone ~ SE J200i

Lost my Nokia 3310 handphone in City Square, Johor Baharu MegaPavilion Cinema, I guess my bag have a big hole, that I didn't really notice that I drop my handphone. Was sad, cause it was my 1st handphone, got feelings to it....

After some survey, finally decided to buy this model, (which I'm using now)

SE J200i

I brought this, RM385 (ORI model), just basic functions, color screen, poly sound, but too bad is the poly sound can't save alot, only 8 additional sound:(. Still not tat familiar with the SE model, always delete something

SE T630

RM535(ap model), not worth because its a old model, got camera, but only poly sounds, hear there are some bugs liao

SE K508
RM620(ap model), I wanted this model, but too bad, not enuf money to buy. Got camera, color more pixels, got video recording too, plus mp3 sounds, its worht to have this phone at this price, but the problem is I not willing to spend money in this area.


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