Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Flower fabric pin

Nowadays, when I flip thru the maganize, there are alot of this Flower fabric pins. I don't really understand a flower pin will cause about at least RM20, its just a plastic flower with some beads on it, what so special. I guess I can made some myself some simple one.

Here are some DIY I found on the website.
Folded Fabric Flower pin/hair clip tutorial


izchan said...

You have a lot ot nice DIY stuff here ... :)

So when are you going to make me one of those flower clip?

Of course give to my girlfriend one lah ... you think I will use meh? ... :)

Ayou said...

I love to do DIY stuff during my secondary school time in Penang, but now no much time.

One day if I got do, I give u la... but need to wait... until donno..haha


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