Sunday, May 15, 2005

1st trip with TS

This is my 1st trip with TS, as he promise, we went to Genting.

Wake up early, have some stupid fight, I make him mad, he make me sad, I cried, but think back, its just a waste of time :(.

WE packed and went to TERminal PUTRA, the station to take the bus up to Genting Highlands. On the trip, it was fun, i get to know my bf much more, how he last time earn his money in order to get the trip to KL when he was in primary school time, he is funny and I like him when he tells me stories about him. Love ya.

On the trip up using the skyways, on the cable car, i grab his hand real tight, really tight, i'm really scared of heights, i dare not look down or dare not move here and there, scared the whole cable car will goyang then fall down. Ts very naughty, purposely move here and there, make me more tension/ scared. I ask him "ARe you cold?", he said:"u grab me so tight, where got cold wo?!"... Aiya.. people scared mar, baru grab u so tight. The view was blur with all the haze... I guess can't be, not a good day to visit genting again~~

Reach there, saw cute Vicent, Venus, and Wendy and his cousin, those children was very happy playing in the indoor theme park. We when to find TS parents. We waited and waited, dam long.... waiting for them to check in, wait until almost 12 noon.

I almost lose my temper, what la, I come up here to play in the theme park, mana tahu, u ask me to wait so long for them to check in, wait here and there. Not becoz I don't want to help, its because we have only like 6 more hours to play only, plus to paid the ticket to the outdoor theme park alredi. But I didnt tell him tat, later he will bising say that I don't know how to think.

Its myself that told myelf, nevermind, he still owe me 1 trip to Genting, next time, we will have more time and more freedom togehter... I want him to have full concentration to me, not this cousin children, not his parents, not anyone else.... abit selfish ler... So that why I didnt bergaduh with him, I don't want to spoil my trip with him again.

Finally we r "free", we go to have our lunch 1st, food at Genting r expensive. When we finish and decided to go to the theme park, Ahlah.... Outsite is raining .... so sad, so bad, I always bring rain to GEnting, as what I told him... Seens Form 2, I never played in the theme park, coz always rain when I decide to play. Y am I so bad lucked!! Cried, cried. TS at tease me as "Ho Sin" = "Rain Person" =lalat.... coz i bring rain to Genting.

Not to waste the ticket we brought, we go for the buffet lunch at 1st world hotel. The hotel is celebrating Indian culture festival, so the food serve are indian base, some are yummy, but some taste weird, I guess we are not quite use to the indian food. But TS total conclusion said that the food is not nice. :( Don't know he know how to eat or not.

Later I ask him to go shopping, but guys seems no patient at this area, just a few steps on the shop, he say can go liao, u finish looking at those things, then drag me. If he see got cute cute shops, that I will attempt to go in, he will use his jacket and close my eyes and just grab me thru.... dam naughty.

Later we enter 1st World's Casino. Dam, the security guard ask my IC pula, TS said"Sudah 24 still nak check IC??", the SEcurity Guard said I look young... HAHA
He go in , its like his haeven, not to say he like to gamble, but those gaming things, he like the most.

-----to be continue----

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