Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tried weekend

When back home town last saturday, coz we have a family reunion in my house, my relatives from US came back for a visit.

After the 4 hours long journey bus from KL to Penang, reach home, suprise that my house have 4 dogs, 1 german sherphan, 2 puddle, 1 "La chang gou". Very noisy.... they bark n bark all the time.

After some rest and shower, I meet my cousin, brother, sister in the botanical garden, later we when to Teluk Bahang seaside, argh.... the water tak boleh la... So dirty, hardly can find crystal clear water in Penang seaside. Later we go round the island, there is still a place tat has cystal clear water, but we doesn't know how to go.

We reach home at 6pm sharp, bath n wait for our Families Mothers Day Specials--> going out for dinner. The dinner was nice, very fulling, very delious and very full. We ate cakes too... yummy. Cost : RM700++ for 2 table

Too bad at nite I need to do my business, spended lesser time with Ah "Li".

Woke up really very early, at 6am, Ah "Li"'s flight was at 7.45am. She will be back to Nan Jing, China. She is a Chinese American, her collage have a exchange student program, so as a Chinese, she decided to go to China to learn chinese culture.

After the flight, we when "Tim Sum". "Tim Sum" was nice, almost all things are in prawns, yummy.... The most delicous was the egg tarz, when u bite the egg tarz, the whole filling will melt in your mouth. And the bisket beside is layered.

Then go home all people have some sleep.

Later evening, we teman Ah "WEI" for her last shopping trip in Penanag, we have nice food too, including satay, laksa, curry mee, fried oystal, "Shi Kuay Ten", chay Kuay Tiew....

At nite Me n Wei spend some time chating and I did her brows for her...

Another 6am wake up because today's is Wei's flight.
Exhausted..... when back home, over slept
Too rush in packing up things, when to meet Joyce at lunch time, but wasn't a good business presentation.
Sit the 4.5 hour bas to KL. Sleep alot.
Saw TS, haha.... he say he miss me alot. So sweet.
When makan again with Hoo n TS n Yau.... They eat alot... Lok Lok 1st then A&W.

Thats my busy weekends, now back to working days.

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izchan said...

visiting relatives ... always a fun time.


Because they will go away after a while. :) ... THAT is always good.


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