Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Laundary Day

Last nite, AH Siew called me for dinner.... miss her alot, almost 1 month haven't find her already, who tell her stay so far away wo...

Chit chat with her and then TS stoped by, Ts shown me colorfull small BMW cars that I have sent to him, really really cool.

Seens she come back, I decided to go to her house to do my laundary again, because her house got washing machine. This time I'm more smart, wash at her house and dry at her house, easy, no need to take up and dry up there. All are those black n red shirts/pants, alot.....

Have a good chat with her, she express which guy is after her, which guy she rejected..... bla bla bla.... still a young gal, she passing a path that I already pass b4, but how can I tell her that its not good to be like tat. Not to say not to enjoy during young days, but its bad to have any guys just touch here and there for the reason that "we are dancing...... ".Later your bf might think that you r cheap (don't have harga diri) just because that what u did in ur past is something immature:(

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